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Another weird dream I had

So I had another weird dream last night, but it was good. I was at school as usual, but then I found a time machine and somehow teleported to the year 2008 (more specifically, October 2008). It was a beautiful cloudy day outside with some wind and leaves blowing, I met some kids I had never seen before and they treated me very nicely. Then I remember being in geometry class where I saw my current geometry teacher, which is weird since he didn't start teaching at my school until August 2019 and he somehow knew who I was (defying the laws of physics), but oh well.

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A Poem I wrote in class about homecoming

It sounds more like a song, but oh well:

It's finally October,
My absolute favorite time of the year,
But unfortunately for me,
The homecoming is coming up

It would be a real pain for me,
I really don't want to go,
I'm not one of the preps or the jocks,
I'm just a girl who listens to punk rock,

There will be stupid music,
Created by people who can't sing,
I'll have to wear a fancy dress,
I just hope it's in the color black,
And don't forget about the heels,
Or the blisters I'll get,

Say it with me,
Homecoming is such a stupid event,
Stupid, stupid, stupid,
No better way to say it than that,

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I learned something today...

I can't believe I've gone my entire life not knowing that MCR was on Saturday Night Live on 10/21/2006 (a few months after I was born). For those wondering, it's season 32 episode 3. Learning about this brought a smile to my jet black heart. It took me 15 fucking years to learn about this.

I feel like my 13 year old self when I watched the episode with Avril Lavigne back in October 2019. It was a cloudy Sunday evening and I found it with the on demand option on my TV like I just did today.

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My School's Lame Homecoming Is Coming Up....

The title says it all. It's early October (yay) and my school just announced it's homecoming week (yawn). I don't think I'll go because I'm too punk rock to be listening to stupid rap music while wearing stupid high heels that give my feet blisters. Sure I'd be able to wear a black dress, but I wouldn't be having any fun during the stupid party and I'd much rather be at the delayed MCR concert instead. Homecoming is just a stupid dance for preps and jocks, and I'd even be satisfied if I could lock myself in my room and listen to some music after school.

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School is killing me

Ever since I started the 10th grade on 8/23/2021, I have only been getting 7 hours of sleep (at most), my teachers are bombarding me with work, I have my own personal problems to deal with, and as of 9/21, I have a little cold, which fucking sucks.

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I have a question

Does anyone else associate days of the week and/or numbers with certain colors?

For me:

3=light blue
4=light green
6=light pink
8=dark green
9= dark pink
10=light blue (again)

And for days of the week:


I'm not sure if everyone is like this or if my brain is just weird. It can be distracting sometimes, though.

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Weird Dreams.....

I've been having a lot of weird dreams lately and one of them was particularly interesting. I was at my old elementary school walking up the stairs to this odd looking classroom I had never seen before, and I was sent there to finish my work. The window showed a normal light blue sky with a few clouds and then the bell rang. I walked out of the classroom with the paper in hand and with my backpack over my shoulders ready to go home when I suddenly see this man next to me. I looked at him again and I realized it was Ronnie Radke. I even heard his voice in my dream.

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This week has been pretty terrible for me

This week has been bad for me. Nothing happened Sunday - Wednesday, but on Thursday, my orthodontist told me that I have to get all 4 of my impacted wisdom teeth removed soon (I turned 15 only a month ago) in addition to the expose and bond of my lower left canine (which I already knew about prior to 9//9). and my consultation appointment with the oral surgeon is scheduled for 10/14. I always knew I'd need them out eventually, but I didn't think I'd be getting them out this soon at only 15 years old.

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Am I the only one who feels this way?

Does anyone else just feel extremely dissatisfied with reality and would rather live in another year or decade? Like, I'll sometimes repeat to myself "I wanna go home" while I'm already inside my own home.

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My first week of 10th grade so far.....

So, on 8/23, I entered my sophomore year of high school and I didn't realize how large my school's campus is. I thought it would just be a few buildings, but the buildings at my school go from A - P (although, for some reason, there's no L building), and it's like walking through a maze to get from 1 class to another.