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hello again

my last post was at the end of may last year, i wanted to inject as much life into the blog because i didnt want it to die. i (obviously) forgot about it pretty quick, but coming back and seeing how many people have been posting makes me so happy. im so proud of this community

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im gonna try go to school two days next week so ill update yall on that, but im going to my friends house tomorrow to dm a one shot and i am very excited! we're also going to be continuing our other campaign this is about to be fucking fun boyzzzzzz

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i may or may not be changing schools next year and i dont know whether or not to do it. my school right now is ok i guess, but i never feel motivated enough to go. my attendance is at like 20% and i literally just cannot get out of bed the majority of the time. im really trying ://

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im back

my dad sucks man but thats ok. nothing fun has happened, just chilling

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my first post !

this site makes me pretty sad honestly. its nice to see that the community tab is still active after all these years but... idk man it makes me remember that im never going to be able to see those guys live. im still holding out for one last tour for all the fans that came after 2013 but it sucks knowing that it probably wont ever happen. also fucking call me out if i dont post again because now that ive discovered this i shant let it die. later losers xx