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Does anyone else on here like anime/manga? Here’s the ones I like
-Danganronpa (Season one)
-My Hero Academia (almost finished)
-Naruto (Season one)
-Death Note (Finished)
-Tokyo Ghoul (But I’m only on volume 1)
Please recommend anime/manga I should watch/read, I’m already planning on Black Clover, Dr. Stone, Your Lie In April, and JoJos Bizarre Adventure

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Check in for my lovely killjoys

1. What are you feeling right now?
2. What do you want to feel right now?
3. What bad things have happened recently?
4. What good things have happened recently?
5. Do you need someone to talk to? If so, feel free to message me.

Here’s my answers
1. Sick?
2. Not sick I guess
3. Getting yelled at by my mom
4. I posted the second chapter of a story I’m working on
5. Not really, but like,,,

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So I just put up a bunch of random pictures in my room and over half of them are mcr related

By “over half” I mean every single one of them is mcr related UwU

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I have a headache and I don’t like it

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It’s okay to not be okay. It’s okay to feel sad. You are entitled to your own perceptions and emotions. You are allowed to feel pain. You’re allowed to be happy. If you’re happy, say so. You don’t have to act. You are your own person with your own unique experiences and nobody can ever take that away from you. You may not be in control of what happens to you but you are in control of how it makes you feel.

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Ok so

I just got really curious, does anyone happen to know Gerard Way’s favorite color...? I feel like it’s either red, blue, pink or like,,, orange? Or maybe black?

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I’m bored so someone please talk to me

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Please comment the following, even if it’s hard.
1. Something you genuinely like about your appearance
2. Something you genuinely like about your personality
3. Your current emotion (remember it’s okay to not be okay, but it’s also okay to be feeling great)
4. The name of someone you love
5. The name of someone who loves you, and if you can’t think of any, put me down (my name is Wyatt)

Here’s my answers
1. My hands because I can use them to create beautiful things
2. My ability to forgive (even though sometimes it’s my weakness)
3. I’m actually decent right now, although I’m a little bit sad

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Valentines day

To anyone who doesn’t have a valentine:
I am now your valentine. I don’t give a shit how you look, what you wear, what your history is, but I love you. I’m here for you. Even when I’m not here for myself, I’m here for you. If you’re going through a rough patch in life, please talk to me. I promise I care more about helping you than myself, but if I’m able to help someone heal, it could end up healing me. So please, let me help. I am your valentine. I love you. I may be a stranger on the Internet, but I love YOU and specifically YOU. Okay? Kapeesh? I’m here. Talk to me.

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please tell me

Does it really get better? Tell me. Is there a point? A reason? Why the fuck should I have to suffer through this without even having a say about the decisions I make? Yeah, in some ways I’m lucky, but that doesn’t mean my situation isn’t bad. But I feel like I don’t even deserve help. I don’t. I don’t deserve a second chance. Second chances are for people who actually try. But I have no motivation. Please, someone help me. Please.