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H e l p

How does one make bullying go away without fighting someone? There's these group of kids in high school class that keep picking one like throwing things, shoving people into me, taking pictures, ect. This is all because I got into a fight with one of their friend last year trying to defend him. I need like help because I try ignoring them but I'm the verge of a metal breakdown. (sorry if the grammar and spelling is bad)

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It's been like a month or two since i've been on this place. Have we finally died down the spam? Haven't looked closely at the community page. (Also i'm sorry for my bad spelling.)

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Im not good at titles

So I have this old black jean jacket in my closet and I really want to like put some patches on it. I have a few in mind but wanted to reach out on here for suggestions.

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Anyone There????

I joined like a week ago and so far all I've found are spam bots. Which really sucks because I was really hoping to come on here and find friends.