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MCR Tour

It's Happening!

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woohoo Another year!

Hey guys, hope everyone is fine.
Well, I'm a year older today!
I did not do much, spent the afternoon with the fam, (honestly half way there I was like I should have stayed home today)
Like them though, they're family, lol
Happy BDay A!

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Another Year

Another year and another bday! This year has really flown by, yeah, I know the month is not over, but jeez Well, like I wrote another bday also. Today I spent the day with my mother, and fam. I feel so happy and grateful to have them in my life. I share bday with my little niece, so a birthday cake was purchased and my fam headed to my sister's home. Everyone ate, sang bday song to my niece and I and had cake. Next was present time, my niece loved her presents. Makes me happy she did. She even wore the bday shirt I made her last year.
Just feeling extremely grateful for my family.

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Dinner with the Fam.

So today my sister in law called and asked if I wanted to join her, my brother and family out to the movies and dinner. Of course, I said yes. Maybe because we sometimes go daysss with out seeing each other and hey, I just felt like going out since I have not been out in a while. My brother's friend, and nephew picked me up, and we met my brother and sis in law at the restaurant. I noticed my brother arrive with a gift. My sister in law's bday is coming up soon, so I thought to myself, he had decided to go ahead and gift her an early bday present.

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Frank Iero & the Patience Rise Against Deftones

Hi!!!! people. A week ago today I got to see Frank & the Patience in my city! Along with Thrice, Rise Against and Deftones. Guys this lineup is AWESOME! I can honestly say that this has been my first concert where I have actually liked all the bands. Because you know sometimes you go to a show for the headliner and have to wait until they take the stage. Have to wait until all the opening bands are done, sometimes I come across some new up and coming bands whose sets I liked and others not so much. but anyways, like I was saying I loved all four bands.

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So a Birthday and an AWOL concert

So this passed sunday was my birthday! yay! Happy Bday to me again! ( like five days later). So that day was pretty good. My family visited, and I received gifts, and had two cakes. To be honest, the gifts were not big or expensive. But I truly appreciate all of them, and the fact that my 'family' showed up in the first place. See, my family is pretty weird, I think. We are not the types to like really show how we feel. So having them show up, congratulate me and with presents, well to be honest I was surprised. But I am really appreciative of the fact that they did.

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complete fail

so if you read my other blogs you might know that I have been working towards my phlebotomy certification. I went to school, finished externship and the last thing to do was take my certification test. well, today was the day. and damn it, it did not go as planned. I had studied, but not enough because at the end of the test, the screen read Fail. I showed up to the site. they take your picture, check your i.d. to make sure it is really you and even scan your palms. I was let into a room where there were other people already taking their tests.

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omg, today I had my first tv casting audition! I was nervous but I think I did do well. it was for my college. so I drove down to the site. signed in and waited. it was not long. I was scheduled for the morning, but since I did not read the email on time I did miss my time slot. I texted the person who told me about the casting and she said I could go on ahead and still show up. after signing in they did take a picture. I noticed that the people around me were like "real" actors. they just seemed more prepared and they arrived with their portfolios.

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hey guys! (anyone out there) so yeah, I have finally completed my three week externship. I know, three weeks, not long. but oh my gosh, it seemed like an eternity. I did complete my one hundred sticks that I had to do. more than half were like finger sticks and the rest were arm sticks. I actually finished my one hundred on Thursday but I still had to go in today to finish my two hundred hours. my supervisor actually did let me leave early since there were no patients scheduled in the afternoon.

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aahhh!!!! this externship!!!!

Hi everyone, anyone out there. Well, like i last blogged last week, i was going to have an update to how my externship is going. Well, here it goes. The week did go by fast. My first day there i was nervous of course, but i wanted to make the best of it so i decided to just think positively. Well, my externship is at a clinic. It consists of drawing blood, phlebotomy. Thing is, is that i am not really getting the practice, experience i thought i would. Why?