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get a load of this society (rant about the riots)

George Floyd's death has been a little wild and hard to process. Obviously the matter at hand is a big issue, and while I support protests, the riots going on right now aren't really helping anything get done. Violence and hatred is the root of the problem, and fighting it with more violence and hatred is not the way to go. We learned throughout history that non-violent protests make real differences without becoming an attacker (Civil Rights movement, aHEM).

If we fight violence with violence, the line between right and wrong will be blurred, people will get hurt, and instead of setting

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give me ideas for an album title right now thank you

y'all are more creative than me

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My overdrive pedal arrived yesterday so now i'm completely fulfilled and i can play rock music without it sounded acoustic-ish. if any of you want me to like upload a video or audio thing to see how it sounds i can do that tomorrow, like if ur thinking about getting an overdrive pedal but don't really know how it works. cuz it sounds super rad.

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ohhh you guys ever like see a character in a show or in a book, or even meet like a real person and you just immediately want to create a character inspired by that person cuz they're so iconic even tho you already have like 2392864986

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dude when i was a kid i watched this channel called qubo and let me tell you that is my childhood, i wasn't allowed to watch that much disney channel but i stayed up at 1 am watching qubo like y'all KNOW i waited hours for jacob two-two to come on holy crap

actually you probably don't because nobody has EVER talked about qubo so like idk but paaardon me. rescue heroes? babar? mike the knight? maggie and the ferocious beast?? my friend rabbit??? i REALLY JUST--

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my character creation skills are backfiring

i don't think i have ever done research for a character to this extent before-

i created this character and 1) he's on the autism spectrum, so i gotta research all of that so i can make it realistic and also not do it "wrong" you know? anyone who creates a character with a mental thingy that you yourself do not have understands this. it be wild. 2nd, part of his personality is that he really really likes television, and while i do too, he likes it /more/ and references it a lot.

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weird crap people have said to me this year

i've been struggling w/ my sexuality for a WHILE and i've told some people and i know for sure (at least for now) that i'm not really that attracted to men.
i haven't told my parents and it's gonna be like that for a while cuz f e a r
but anyone who says straight people don't have a gaydar are SO wrong. i've mostly been friends with straight people and it's wild like they know before i do. and all my friends have been girls because i literally cannot stand hanging out with boys unless he's like /specifically/ my type of friend.

i also don't really /act/ like a guy.

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my week was pretty nice

i illustrated 2 pages of my comic but one of the markers ran out of ink halfway through so now i'm dying inside
i'm writing a super long character development so that's been fun
school didn't take long this week and i aced my math quiz
those are my highlights heheh

i think imma be a comic book writer when i grow up

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when u think u might be lesbian but ur also christian

ha wow i'm going to die

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writing tropes that get me

MY DEAR WRITERS AND CHARACTER CREATORS! may i present to you my list of character tropes, cliches and general personalities that i need to see more often in media because it's just. so. iconic.

1. the day i date someone is the day i die, but that doesn't mean i don't enjoy reading about /other/ people dating:

a) slow burns. my favorite type of romantic relationship building.
b) the chaotic couple the goes from arguing to kissing. maybe this is toxic (yes it is) but it's sooo entertaining.
c) unexpected couples.