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I’ll be inactive for a bit

So something happened and my fam is really mad at me. I’m gonna have to stay away from this website for a while so they don’t know I have an account. For all my friends on here, please be safe!! I love you, and I promise I’ll be back as soon as I can. I hate leaving you guys and l will log on as soon as I can. Until I return, stay alive and keep running. I love you.

<3 ||-//
Xo, Soph

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since people are apoligizing

ive had a lot go on recently, and i think imma do what romy did, but im not tryna copy her i promise

im sorry that i was the youngest in the friend group
im sorry that i was the one who made the jokes
im sorry i wasnt good enough to stay friends with you guys
im sorry to my parents that im not perfect
im sorry to my parents that i caused you guys to scream in my face about how non binary is bullshit
im sorry to my parents that when i talk about my future i have to not mention the fact that i might end up with a wife
im sorry i might not want kids
im sorry all i fucking eat is unhealthy shit

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so i need recomendations. for halloween should i go as

revenge era gerard

revenge era frank

jet star (i would crimp my hair all to hell to get a fro... id prolly just end up looking like The Girl tho)

a member of the black parade



revenge era mikey way

lmk your recomendations!

what are you guys gonna go as?

im fookin ready for halloween im so happy its almost octoberrrr

how are yall?

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i dont know.. i just hate everything about myself. i hate the way my body looks, my face doesnt look right, i just hate the way i look. i hate my personality, because it isnt good enough. all my friends dropped me when i started listening to more rock, metal, and alt. everyone makes fun of me because im 'antisocial'. im not even antisocial! i talk with plenty of people! is it because i dress in back so they immedietly assume i am? even the guy i love makes me feel like shit. he always comments on how bad i look, he makes fun of my music, and makes fun of the fact that im slightly introverted.

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so quick question did anyone else get locked out of the website for like two weeks? i did, but its working again

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for anyone who needs this

you are amazing! you are beautiful and funny and talented. you are worth everything. if someone tells you that you arent, they are wrong. you are important. we need you, and we care about you. you can be who you are and you should not live in fear. i dont give an ever living fuck about your race, gender, sexuality, culture, or anything else, you still matter and you are still beautiful. i care about you no matter what, and if you ever need someone to talk to about anything, i am here for each and every one of you. if you need to vent, just dm me. i'll always support and love you.

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drawing inspo?

so i need something new to draw. idk like a fan art related thing like... idk anything yall can think of. do yall have any suggestions?
have an awesome day today!! <3
xo, soph

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Life on a matchstick

i feel like people are matches. We wake up, and theres this passionate/small fire burning within us. we are alive. eventually, the small flame on the match goes out. usually it lives a long life on the matchstick. not always though. sometimes, the fire is bright and lively at first, but something whether it be water or wind, will knock it out/down. the fire gets small, but can recover. other times the fire will die out completely. thats how some people are. they are happy and feel loved, but will get knocked down by family/bullies/etc.
i am not a lighted matchstick.

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for anyone reading this, know that i love youuuu!! and you are amazing and beautiful, and i accept you, and you can be whoever you are, and you are super sweet and smart and talented, and youre absolutely gorgeous. have a wonderful day/night! ||-//

xo, soph

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Just me?? ok. im absolutely terrified of the thought of being put on laughing gas for a surgery idk why. is there even a name for a phobia for that??
xo, soph