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Solar Cyanide part two

Description and a bit more story ‘cause why not. Also I really love 1965 red mustang convertibles, they’re so cool. Oh, and sorry for any typos. Anyways let’s just start shall we?-

Copper Bullet and Acid Tequila where the best mentors I could ask for.

They became my parents and taught me everything there is to being a Killjoy. We lived out in Zone Five where they made and traded weapons for food and other supplies. Bullet taught me how to shoot while Tequila taught me how to drive. I left ‘em three years ago when I was fourteen to go roam the desert.

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Solar Cyanide part 1??

Everyone’s posting their kj stories so I might as well join ‘cause it looks fun :D. Your guys’s are really good so sorry if this is really bad XD. Anyways it’s time for a backstory:

Kira White was my name.

I lived in Battery City until I was ten with my dad. My mom was supposedly ghosted by Killjoys, but for some reason I never believed that. After all, why would my mom even be out in the zones where the Killjoys could get to her? It just never made sense.

My dad was a scarecrow, until he actually did get ghosted by a Killjoy while hunting down some rebels.

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OKAY I NEVER THOUGHT I WOULDNT BE CRYING ON THIS DAY. Thank you MCR for coming back and for all that you’ve done for us!! Killjoys never die and the mcrmy is undefeatable. Happy?? March 22 everyone!

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March 22 Ideas!?

I’m thinking of just listening to the entire discography, mad gear and missile kid, sister to sleep, I really mean all of it.
Does anyone have any ideas or plans?? Feel free to share!

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Have you guys seen the new cover?? I really wanna buy it :vvv

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Day 2 >:3

I’ve started writing stuff. Not really a story and not really poetry, just kinda writing. It’s been fun so far lol and I haven’t gotten bored yet. Hope everyone else is doing well!

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Corona Break has started

Good luck everyone! Listen to music, read, do homework if you have it yet. Wash your hands and stay safe guys! :D

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Ok wow some good news!?


I got a gf. She’s so pretty and I love her so much and I never thought she would like me or that this would happen and oof. Ok that’s all, bye now and stay safe during corona break :D

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I’m scared

My school just got shut down because of the coronavirus and everyone’s panicking right now. I’m scared that I’m going to loose my grandma and I really love her and am worried for her. Stay safe everyone!