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‘The Black Parade/Living With Ghosts’ Out Now

The Black Parade/Living With Ghosts is available now

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Comment on anything for "Tina.Lok" (user)
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Gerard Way Pop! Funko Dolls Now Available in the MCR Online Store!

Now available in the MCR online store is a limited amount of the Gerard Way Pop! Funko Dolls from the Black Parade and Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge Eras. Order today before they are all gone!


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Welcome Back The Community Section

The MCR Community section has returned! Connect with MCR's most dedicated fans here.

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We’re happy to announce that “Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge” and “The Black Parade” are back in print on vinyl and will be available beginning February 10th!  To mark the occasion, there will be two color versions available exclusively at Hot Topic and Newbury Comics.  See below for details.
Hot Topic
Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge – CLEAR w/ Red Splatter
The Black Parade - CLEAR
Newbury Comics -
Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge – Opaque Red
The Black Parade – Opaque

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Gerard's New Album Hesitant Alien Lands Today

Gerard's new album Hesitant Alien lands today. You can pick up at copy on iTunes,, or anywhere else that sells music.

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Gerard VyRT Listening Party

Join Gerard Way TODAY at 5PM PST for a special "Hesitant Alien" listening party on VyRT!


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Frank Iero has announced his new project called FRNKIERO AND THE CELLABRATION. The debut album "Stomachaches" will be available August 26th.

For more information, check out his Facebook page here:

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Get “Fake Your Death” now

See the new Greatest Hits trailer, featuring the song 'Fake Your Death', from their greatest hits album “May Death Never Stop You” - coming 3.25. Get the special edition at – From Warner Bros Records

The song is also available in iTunes now.

– From Warner Bros Records

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“Fake Your Death” Available 2/17

The previously unheard song “Fake Your Death” will be available at iTunes in the evening on Monday the 17th.  Get it here on that day.  If you’ve pre-ordered the album through, you’ll get the song delivered to you that day. - from Warner Bros. Records.