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i went to hot topic for the first time a couple weeks ago and walked out with two sets of mcr earrings. one is the guy and girl from three heers from sweet revenge and another is the spiders from danger days. ive been wearing the danger days ones and its been two days in a row that strangers will come up to me and tell me they love my earrings. this just makes me even more proud that im a killjoy

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so apparently us killjoys can have names? didnt even know until i saw it on someones blog. i gotmine and its thrill-killer. kinda love it. it reminds me a little of gerard and a lot of frank lol

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so i finished reading a book about different haunted places in my city. i got it for christmas and took me 7 months to finish (like always i procrastinate lolz) and i loved it. but i have another book about haunte places in canada (where im from) and want to read it but have all 3 umbrella academy books and am so wanting to read them. love gee and all of his work and wanna get more of his books but kinda wanna read this book first. being indecisive as always but i think ill figure it out lolz