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the good the bad and the ugly(ish)

the good- PE. not kidding, it was fun for once. so while we're doing our warm-ups, the teachers play music, right? its always the same mix of like 80's songs, rap, and pop. me and my friend, who i introduced to MCR and loves them as much as i do, not big fans of the music they play. so today, i was like 'i wonder if you can request songs?' and they where like 'i dunno, go for it' and so i did. and what song did i request? Welcome to the Black Parade. it was great. we spent the whole time singing/screaming along, jumping around, and just having fun in general. it was really great.

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new hair! new comics!

i dyed my hair. again. i'm pretty happy with it. it's all black now. i did try to dye the roots teal but it didn't work (screw splat colors, the dye turned green) so i redid the roots to be black. and i lowkey look like bert mccraken (oops) which i think is kinda funny, and i look even more emo, which is even better than looking sorta like bert (does it help that i wear almost exclusively dark colors [red is the brightest color i wear] and ripped jeans? no. will i stop? most likely no.) but yeah, i've got new hair and a great mood to oppose my... exterior? personality? aesthetic?

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okay, so heres a temporary solution

okay, so the messages don't really work, right? i think i've found a temporary solution.

when writeing a message to someone, put everything you want to say in the subject line. everything. there isn't a limit on how many characters you can put in the subject line so it will work. i've tested this method, so it really will work.

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here goes (OR: i miss my ex.)

i miss my ex

today my friends were talking about their ex-boyfriends and crushes and i just... i don't know, wanted to cry, kinda? i try not to talk about it too much, because it shook me to my core; and, i dont know, i feel like if i talked about it every single fricking time i thought about it, i would lose every friend or every person who i talk to regularly, because they would be soooooooo sick of hearing about it and stuff. like get over it already? its literally been a year. since the, like, the "incident." a whole year. and i'm still not over it.

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i had a pretty rough day and i dont know if its worth talking about. help?

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i got in

i got in the band. im in the band that i auditioned for. i don't know how to process it. i'm gonna be playing gigs regularly with this band! this is a huge deal for me, i love playing shows, i love playing music; its all i wanna do ever, and this band is my ticket to be able to do that. regularly. i'm so, so, so excited.

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band audition

i just auditioned for another band and i'm really excited to see what happens. i auditioned with give em hell kid cause of the intro and i think i did pretty well. i was pretty worried that i wouldn't be able to play it. we'll see what happens; maybe i make it, maybe i don't. we'll see.

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what do i say? i've been an mcr fan for a while and i'd be lying if i tried to downplay the impact the band has had on me, and i'm so, so, so glad that they are back.

i play bass, i'm in a band, i do art,i know waayy too much about the true lives of the fabulous killjoys (i read the comics before i ever listened to the band [if you haven't read the comic, i really recomend it, here's a place to read it: ]), i write stuff (working on some comics rn), i try to convince people that my chem is one of the greatest bands