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sorry it's trash

Memories are pain
So I drink
A bottle of vodka
A round of gin
Keep them coming
I can’t win
Kill me now
I wish I’d die
Not active suicide
Hand me that lighter
And gasoline
If I do this
Will I be clean?
Will they love me/
Where will I be?
Down in hell
Or drowned in the sea
I’ll see you soon
Don’t worry about me
I’ll love you forever
The light is coming for me

(sorry, its just something i'm working on, ik its bad, sorry)

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So I have created an lgbt group thing on google hangouts, here’s a link if you wanna join it
So yeet

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So I have created an lgbt group thing on google hangouts, here’s a link if you wanna join it
So yeet

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In response

So, as of my last post I was talking about making a group chat thing on hangouts. I’m not sure exactly how it works but my email is, from what I understand, to make a thing I’ve gotta know your emails too, so I guess message me or something, idk but Yee. It’s happening

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for the queers

So, If i were to make like a group chat thing for trans (or other lgbt+) peoples on google hangouts, would any of you be interested in joining it. I wanna do it on hangouts cause I know some people don't have access to discord or other social medias, so yeet, lemme know what ya'll think

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Hey ya'll so as some of you know, I'm trans (FtM) and I recently found a name that I actually like (Ryan) and feel like it fits, well yesterday I found out that a kid i used to be friends with committed suicide about a week ago and his name was Ryan. So i need some help, I feel like if I was to start going by the name Ryan, it would be kinda disrespectful to him and I don't want to do that.
So know I need to find a name for myself. Would ya'll like to help me, because there are a lot of creative people on here and you all are pretty cool, so yeah, help me find a name?

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A challenge

Something I’ve started,
A poem thing perhaps
I hope you’ll accept
A challenge of sorts

The first two lines
Someone shall write
No more than two
One person should do

Then the next two
A different person this time
Keep doing this
It doesn’t have to rhyme

It will be done
When it sounds just right
Don’t worry about who
It will be credited to all of you

A community poem
Created by many
Does that sound alright
I hope its fine

(you can message me if you have questions, or comment here)

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I once knew an artist
Who painted quite unconventionally
For she was the canvas
Her brush a blade
Across her wrists
The pictures she made
I didn’t agree
With the methods she used
One day I went
And rolled up my sleeves
Showed her the scars
So old, but looking like new
For at one time
I was an artist too

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coming out

I just came out to my parents as trans (he/him) and it didn't go too well. They basically kicked me out, saying that i have to go live with my bio mom even though she's a really toxic person and so yeah, I just needed to get that all off my chest

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You call Us a cult
But that, We are not
You call Us bad
And say it without a thought
But I don’t think you understand
What it is We do
We protect Our brethren
All of Us do
We let the darkness wrap us
In its safe arms
Away from the blinding light
That envelops most of the world
And We wait
We wait for more of us to come
And We shelter them like we are