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This Site

idk why, but this site makes me a little sad. i guess it's because it has become so quiet and withdrawn that it's disheartening. there aren't many that are still active and the ones that are active just joined recently. i don't know. i'll just sit here and collect my sad fandoms

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I kind of got sucked into the big swirl of life and haven't been on here for awhile. So, hi, again. Email me at if you wanna talk, I could use some friends.

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Nervous Tic

I have this nervous tic where I'll chew the inside of my cheek until it's raw. Right now, I don't even know what I'm nervous about. *le sigh*

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I read somewhere that anxiety and depression can leave you exhausted even if you slept well because of how mentally taxing it is. I relate on so many levels. I go to bed tired and wake up tired. The day wears on, I get more and more tired. Whenever it gets super bad, my back hurts and I feel sick, like cold or flu feelings. Man, I just want some sleep and peace.

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2019 is seriously going to kill me or be the best year ever for me.