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driving lessons and post punk.

i should be asleep since today i have driving lessons at 9:00 a.m. these last few days i have felt physically and mentally lazy, i just get up for my driving lessons and then put my pajamas back on. im all the rest of the day in my room watching streams or memes, my mom got a little upset about that.

i'm also recently listening to a band that does spanish post punk, it's great and it's called "depresión sonora". i guess i can put the link of a song.

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uwu moment

i don't use "uwu" but i think it's a good title.
regarding the last thing i wrote here, i'm really very happy for the comments, i didn't answer any because i don't know what to say, but thanks for the support.

also, i dyed some of my hair red. im a tomato (well, almost).

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my bad lucky

i told my mom that i'm transgender and bisexual, she said i'm confused. i always thought that i'd tell her when i no longer lived with her, but i came to think that maybe she was going to accept me, and i also want an urgent binder :(
i feel angry/uncomfortable that she still calls me by my deadname or "daughter" when i wish she'd say "son" to me. then she gets mad that i dont like going out with her. in fact, i think i manage to "pass", many times some people have referred to me as "he", it's good.

another thing, in this quarantine i became very obsessed with a series of minecraft (it's

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i'm back ????

i know that nobody cares, i dont know if there are still the people who were there when i was there, i guess not. i just wanted to write something to make sure i'll be back.

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i'm not good with titles

i'm sick, all week i've been with some discomfort or pain lol.
first it was a fever, i felt that i was burning inside like hell, i could only miss school one day. well, i was suffering with a sore throat, then i sprain a foot playing basketball and finally i have an eye infection.

the good thing was that today we ate pizza and there were games in my course for an activity. i also spent two hours in computing watching the presentation of MCR in Mexico in 2007 and i remembered that there are only 14 days left, i'm very excited.

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i disappeared for a while, not that i published much but didn't enter at all. the evaluations were already done and i don't know if i failed a subject, i hope not, yesterday the parents went to see the grades but i think my parents couldn't go, its fine for me, but it scares me a little because i don't know how they will react when they see them, i did very badly these evaluations.

the holidays are almost here, im happy, i like christmas eve and christmas dinner 'cause my family is there and for that moment i feel that everything's fine.

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i should be doing homework...

i have a lot of homework for tomorrow however here i am.
today i had my chemistry exam, i had to write in my hand how group 1 and 2 of the periodic table started and ended, thanks to tøp i remembered in which group the chlorine was (i c o n i c). if you saw how my hand is, you would notice that ive been in exam week.

i'm also a little excited for an episode of a podcast to come out, it would be the continuation of the previous one, they're talking about dennis nilsen's case (i like to investigate about murderers and things like that). the episode was supposed to come out yesterday.

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yeY but no yey.

mcr gave more dates, i'm happy and excited because maybe they'll come to my country, it's time to pray ok.

btw, i'm in exam week and all that, i'm afraid of getting bad grades since its possible that my mother gets angry and good things dont happen, seriously, it's time to pray.

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since yesterday i wanted to enter but i wasn't allowed to log in, now everything is calmer so hi. at first i thought it was a joke about the return bUT NO, MCR ARE BACK. (i wrote this in school lol)

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it's almost halloween.

so, i love halloween. as a child i was very scared so i hated these dates, i missed so many things. i've thought about dressing up as a panic! in the fever era, the best album, or also by will graham in the serie but able to disguise me with someone, i don't know if you understand me.

btw, i was watching the perks of being a wallflower again and as much as i've seen the movie several times and read the book four times, today i felt really identified with charlie.