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Naomi Osaka lights flame to open Tokyo Olympics

Tennis superstar Naomi Osaka lit the 2020 Tokyo Olympics flame. The Games officially started, albeit a year late. A possible fifth wave of Covid-19 has put in doubt whether or not they would go ahead. The pandemic has greatly affected the event. There are no fans and several athletes have withdrawn after testing positive. Japan hopes the Games will showcase its culture to the world. The Opening Ceremony ended at midnight with a spectacular fireworks show.

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Breaking News English Lesson: World Record

There is a world record for everything these days. Who knew there was one for the tallest pile of M&Ms? A civil engineer has broken the record for balancing M&Ms on top of each other. He did it to stop the boredom of being locked down. He used his engineering skills to pile the multi-coloured chocolates five high. People might think this is a beatable record. The engineer thinks otherwise. He challenged anybody to try and better his balancing record.

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Germany's Merkel warns floods highlight climate dangers

Germany's Angela Merkel is worried about climate change after the flooding in Europe. She is horrified by the damage across large parts of the continent. She visited hard-hit areas in Germany and listened to local residents. She said: "It's shocking. I can pretty much say that the German language does not have words to describe the destruction." Ms Merkel said: "We have to be faster in the fight against climate change."

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World Food Prize awarded to fish expert

A nutrition expert has won the World Food Prize. She got the prize for her pioneering methods of raising nutrient-rich fish. She campaigned to add fish to diets in developing countries. The USA praised her for her work. It said she worked out how poor people can raise nutrient-rich fish. It said millions of low-income families are now eating small fish regularly in everything. It added: "The key nutrients in the fish will protect children for a lifetime."

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Swimmers angry over afro Soul Cap Olympics ban

The Black Swimming Association is angry because FINA, swimming's regulatory body, rejected a swim cap for the Tokyo Olympics. The "Soul Cap" allows people with afros, dreadlocks, hair extensions, and thick and curly hair to swim comfortably. FINA said it would not allow the Soul Cap because a cap "of such size" has never been used before. FINA also stated it would not permit the cap because "it didn't fit the natural form of the head".