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new music!!

hey guys! how do you like gerard's new songs? baby you're a haunted house is my favorite.
speaking of new music i've been thinking about releasing some of my own music.

i'm back!

hello! i totally forgot about my account here for a year or two but i'm back. i just started college a few days ago. i've already met some friends who like mcr hahaha. i'm not going to tell you where i'm going to school but i will say that not only am i majoring in gender & sexuality, but i'm also dorming in an LGBT+ themed hall!! the people in my hall are great but they're sooo much more extroverted than me that it's a little tiring.... but that's ok. i'm trying to figure out how to take care of myself.


Remember the band that toured with mcr in Europe a few times during Black Parade and Danger Days??
Well they broke up but their singer/guitarist has a new music video and I'm in LOVE check it out!!!


i am new to the community

just wanted to say hi! i'm very new to this hahaha. i guess this is sort of an intro post for me?

you can call me toast or demo. i'm 16, and i run a blog on tumblr (rnychemicalromance). i love mcr conspiracy theories and i have a passion for gerard's bat belt buckle + other revenge-related things. talk to me anytime!