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wth! I had posted this morning and it didn't take!

Ah long story short...turns out my Ma used to play some Bowie and I recalled a few strongly this morning as I was browsing (of course I never knew what songs he did really). But now I know the words to one of them that was just gibberish to me before...

R.I.P. DB-I know you will be missed!


@tiana11 (is it tianika11 too?) and @flight risk I updated about the book on my page. I wish these reply options would work.

Well, basically T (and anyone else reading) I probably will read mine in like a week or two too! It's so interesting and since I already know a lot, it's quick to read. I actually cannot wait for the end...I am curious why they ended...and i think I just need that closure. Of course it's sad, but as Frank says, the future is bright, don't dwell in the past. (something like that) so there's always something ahead (and we will always have the recordings too ;))


Last try

Xia Pinkish madness -trying to reach you. I think I just missed you again. ugh, no worries if we don't connect, but I was just trying to help you with the new website....

for the Rmy, no new news really...that book rocks though!

Not the Life It Seems: The True Lives of My Chemical Romance

I FINALLY got Not the Life It Seems by Tom Bryant. So stoked! I was surprised at how big it is! This will be a fun read. (I've already read the Frank joins MCR part twice! haha!)

Happy New Year's Everyone!

Happy New Year's Eve/Day! (few more hours to go here)

grcemeise, in case you didn't see it before, what's your username for talk? I might be able to help you understand the site if I can find you and message you. If you are still interested, comment please.

why didn't my Frank'sLaugh blog post?

It's on MY blog...maybe it's still loading? Idk, plz check it out. It's the best! Here's the link anyway

Frank's Laugh

Ok, while I am thinking of it...this is definitely a video all newbies should watch. It's kinda what fueled my love for this particular member. It's nice to see someone else with a great sense of humor, his quips are genius, and that sound just melts away any bad vibes I may be having. Thanks so much to the creator of this video! Laughter is contagious, so let's spread it! Lahahahehe heehee :p

Not saying you shouldn't keep checking back here, but there is also the new site that has a bit more working features (personal communication is a bit easier) and you are all of course welcome!
*search MCR website and you'll find it. (I don't think the link is acceptable to post here)
I guess I got too used to that one myself. See ya around!

New to this site

Hey all!

I am new to this site. Some may recognize me from the new Rmy forums.

While this one seems relatively simple, I am finding it a little more difficult to navigate and I am still not sure how everything works. Some tips might be nice! (especially like if there is a way to look back on old posts or how the bookmarks or friends things work. Does anyone even use these?)

So I guess I'm just here to show my support...and reminisce!!

*"You may quote other posts using [quote] tags." like, can i do XD