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My Chemical Romance has always been a playlist for my workouts since the beginning, with Revenge being the long standing contender (although Bullets is catching up in record time!)

Anyway, since so many folks have been coming back, I've allowed myself to indulge in a little MCR Revenge again (after a short hiatis). To get to the point, today's setlist

(20 minutes later)

Give em Hell Kid
To the End
Venom, and
Cemetery Drive

*Helena actually finished up the first part of my workout today following the wonderful Taking Back Sunday album Tell All Your Friends 10yr anniversary

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Got some good sleep last night and feeling great! I'd better get started on my to-do list though and capitalize on this energy with some kind of working out too!

Have a great day/night! It's Hump Day! (Wednesday)


Haha HA!

ok, so obviously the last part goes before the part before, if this makes sense...I'm sooo sorry for all this non-sense. Let me double check. I will be relieved if it all actually posted correctly...then maybe I'll actually be able to get back to sleep??? God, I hope!

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ok, so it was something in that first part but I can't figure out what!!!

very saddened...he was only here for a short while and I understand I am being protected by not seeing him...just miss the days!!

woke up in tears

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ok, so here's the light. Well, I always knew in my heart that I would be consoled, I always am, but I kept on thinking sad thoughts for like 10 minutes.

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bastard spam

yeah you know who I am talking to!

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part four and a half

had pt5 all ready and it triggered the spam...just might not be able to finish, but lets try

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pt 4

Ok, in case you missed thecomment...

Violent...hadn't hurt anyone physically? But then came the open threat, only it turned out it wasn't a threat, his intentions were just thwarted. (Threatened my aunt, whom he was living with or living nearby)

Needless to say, the whole family is just shaken up about this. He's being managed now somehow, again fuzzy details, but ...

Yeah, cuz I guess he came back here recently, so he must be "okay". Ha, you know!

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from d to l pt 3

Back to my cousin,

so he moved on too. Was making a life for himself. I was happy for him, butstill mmissed him dearly. He couldn't come visit because of his job. Finally, one time he came. Oh I wish I could hold him like that forever because not long after that, would things get really bad.

ok, so I don't remember details, nor am I feeling qualified to talk on such matters given information via word of mouth and not directly from those involved, but apparently, he kindof went psycho...and I say this, kindof as avictim, so my word choice is poor.

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from darkness to light pt 2

So what else? So things took a turn, slowly , y cousin was slipping away. He started smoking, which alienated him to me and my siblings, it hurt me but I still loved him. Eventually though, he would have to move away because my Aunt had gotten a job not local. So, I guess we said goodbye, although I honestly don't remember this...I very likely suppressed this, but nonetheless, he was gone and I was alone. My siblings are younger than me and at that age, it was significant. So I felt alone...

But I moved on (this still is not the light I speak of though). I had neary forgotten all the pain