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ok, so here's the light. Well, I always knew in my heart that I would be consoled, I always am, but I kept on thinking sad thoughts for like 10 minutes.

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bastard spam

yeah you know who I am talking to!

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part four and a half

had pt5 all ready and it triggered the spam...just might not be able to finish, but lets try

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pt 4

Ok, in case you missed thecomment...

Violent...hadn't hurt anyone physically? But then came the open threat, only it turned out it wasn't a threat, his intentions were just thwarted. (Threatened my aunt, whom he was living with or living nearby)

Needless to say, the whole family is just shaken up about this. He's being managed now somehow, again fuzzy details, but ...

Yeah, cuz I guess he came back here recently, so he must be "okay". Ha, you know!

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from d to l pt 3

Back to my cousin,

so he moved on too. Was making a life for himself. I was happy for him, butstill mmissed him dearly. He couldn't come visit because of his job. Finally, one time he came. Oh I wish I could hold him like that forever because not long after that, would things get really bad.

ok, so I don't remember details, nor am I feeling qualified to talk on such matters given information via word of mouth and not directly from those involved, but apparently, he kindof went psycho...and I say this, kindof as avictim, so my word choice is poor.

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from darkness to light pt 2

So what else? So things took a turn, slowly , y cousin was slipping away. He started smoking, which alienated him to me and my siblings, it hurt me but I still loved him. Eventually though, he would have to move away because my Aunt had gotten a job not local. So, I guess we said goodbye, although I honestly don't remember this...I very likely suppressed this, but nonetheless, he was gone and I was alone. My siblings are younger than me and at that age, it was significant. So I felt alone...

But I moved on (this still is not the light I speak of though). I had neary forgotten all the pain

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from darkness to light pt 1

Good day to you all! I'm going to make one of those multi series blogs today. Keep in mind, I am tired and wired but I have to say this before I forget. Not exactly sure if this qualifies as religious content, not going into specifics or anything, and it's only my feelings, so it should be ok. But if you don't believe in God, i hope you can believe in me and with that, i ask you to please give this a read.

I woke up after a startlingly dream this morning...about someone I don't think too much about theae days, but was a ....well, like a big brother to me,my closest cousin, my first closest

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One more

Found something pretty rad that I think goes with the wonderful sentiments of this Community...

watch this!

"The world is judgemental and you should never take something based on the face value. Always try to know people more and you never know, you’ll end up making a friend for a lifetime, even if they’re from a different culture, religion, or race."


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happy friday! happy weekend!

Happy Friday!

I came all this way so I thought I should say something. Not much has happened yet though because I am just starting my yeah. Sorry for this boring post.

Fridays are pretty boring anyway, but busy so I don't have much time to think about what to say, much less to write anything so I will just say..

happy weekend too!

Unless anything super exciting happens, I probably won't return until next week...seriously! My mind is drawing blanks right now! I need to go get my head clear.


~Too embarrassed by this to sign my name :!

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2015 bloggers...and 2014?

Hey folks!
Ok, first, welcome to all the newcomers and all those returning from days of old. Good to have you here! (Even if it scared me at first ;) )

But today i was thinking, with the influx of users coming back or joining since the News section update, well, wondering actually...

how did you folks in 2015 and 2014? 2013??-anybody who joined after the site went down but before the News update,

How did you find out about this sight???

I thank my MCR buddy Z (member here), whom I met over on talk last summer. XD

but it still took me months to get past that News how did you get