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Is Messenger now working!??

I've been seeing progress with the Personal Messenger on here every few weeks. Is it working now? One question more, if it do I read the messages? I think I might possibly be reading only a partial message or, I can only read it once??? Maybe this part, they are still repairing.

Wow, still, I get excited and hopeful every time something gets fixed! Now I know how Z and the others around last year must have been feeling all this time! ;)

Ok, well have a great day or night everyone! Keep the faith! :D

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Just gotta say

THANKS for the support!

You know who you are!

Peace and love! To you, as well as the rest of you!

If possible, you may see more of me here, if not...I may have to get a new ID. No more talk of this though, we will meet again...

"when both our stars collide!" ; (

Ok folks, sorry...don't worry okay...might just be sooner than we think!
be happy, be good to each other.

"We'll carry on!"


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I Rock!!

Baking these little babies tonight!

Sugar-Free, Gluten-Free Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

I rock!

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Acoustic at 98.7FM

Currently listening to this set because I never finished it. Omgoodness, Ray is freaking brilliant here in Sing! I mean all are, but he truly shines with his mad skills...and that hair! Yay Ray! XD

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It's Been Awhile

Took the weekend off and I guess it's leaking into today a bit.

Anyway, just wanted to say I'm still around! Will comment more if and when I can.



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Short but Sweet (and no, I'm not talking about Frank ;))

Today was super busy for me. Not that this won't ever happen again or for longer than a day but, since I've been coming on regularly lately, just thought I'd give a heads up and invite anyone who wants me to read their blog from today to just comment in the comment section so I can look you all up quickly first thing in the morning.

Okay! "okay" lol have a great night or morning or afternoon, everybody!!!



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My Chemical Romance has always been a playlist for my workouts since the beginning, with Revenge being the long standing contender (although Bullets is catching up in record time!)

Anyway, since so many folks have been coming back, I've allowed myself to indulge in a little MCR Revenge again (after a short hiatis). To get to the point, today's setlist

(20 minutes later)

Give em Hell Kid
To the End
Venom, and
Cemetery Drive

*Helena actually finished up the first part of my workout today following the wonderful Taking Back Sunday album Tell All Your Friends 10yr anniversary

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Got some good sleep last night and feeling great! I'd better get started on my to-do list though and capitalize on this energy with some kind of working out too!

Have a great day/night! It's Hump Day! (Wednesday)


Haha HA!

ok, so obviously the last part goes before the part before, if this makes sense...I'm sooo sorry for all this non-sense. Let me double check. I will be relieved if it all actually posted correctly...then maybe I'll actually be able to get back to sleep??? God, I hope!

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ok, so it was something in that first part but I can't figure out what!!!

very saddened...he was only here for a short while and I understand I am being protected by not seeing him...just miss the days!!

woke up in tears