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i can't focus.

how the fuck am i supposed to focus on school while people are being arrested, while people are trying to affect real fucking change? i want to be in the streets, standing with my brothers and sisters and others.

it's like the fucking sixties. well, not exactly like the sixties, but its pretty fucking close.

people are dying of a virus, people are dying of police brutality, people are dying.

I can't leave my house. my mum would kill me. i can't go out into the streets. my mum would kill me. i can't protest. my mum would kill me.

but what i can do is write. and write and write.

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im a nostalgia machine for stuff i was never a part of

dont look. trust me.

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congrats to nasa and spacex on a successful launch

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bootlegging (shhh pls don't tell, i can't afford to hire a lawery)

don't mind me, i've just been bootlegging all my favorite songs off of spotify and onto some tapes for my weekly quarantine art project
i've got a pretty ugly setup, but hey, it works, so i'm not too upset.

so far I've made one, working on a second, prepping a third.

the first tape has mostly hole on the A side, cleopatrick on the B. i christened it "THE KIDS ARE GOIN' MAD." i really like it, a lot. there's something special about being able to jump around to Rock Star/Olympia and Chromeo in the bathroom at 2am.

2nd's stuff from the radio on the A side, which i'm about halfway through, and

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confession time

you guys, i must confess
im super tempted to make coffee cereal for breakfast
cause i was up pretty late last night messing around with my dad's recording equipment (shh don't tell pls)

for those of you that don't know what coffee cereal is, basically, its cereal but instead of milk, you use coffee

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I had a random, panicky thought last night, so here's an essay.

I just had a random, panicky thought. What if cleopatrick's album release coincides with Palaye Royale's? Like, if they're close together, one (Palaye's) would overshadow the other's and it would get lost amid the pomp and fanfare heralding the first's.

I love Palaye, don't get me wrong, but idk

They're doing very different things.

cleopatrick is more homegrown, more punk, more raw emotions. It's more grit than glamor.

Palaye Royale's aesthetic is most definitely not punk. There's a certain level of theatrics that Palaye pulls off that you don't really see in punk.

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quarantine things i did this week lol

Stuff I've made
-gummies: shockingly, didn't turn out too bad lol
-a mix: it took me almost two hours, but now i have a lovely little (that's a lie, its almost 80 minutes long) cd mix full of songs from my father's music collection. (ask, and i'll upload a tracklist/a link to a spotify playlist lol)
-lots and lots of characters: maybe they'll show up at some point in the future...

Stuff I'm working on
-Comics: i've been working on two separate ones, Blood Sucker and LGBT, and i'm really excited about both.

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room gothic

so i would do the 10 things about me but i wanna like, write stuff rather than answer questions cause as fun as that is, i get boreddddd and also i think you can tell more about a person from their like, possessions and stuff and i also really really love the like "gothic" writing samples that people do on like tumblr or whatever.
and im also trying to do the like, quarantine weekly art thing that stakethevampires came up with?? (link if you don't remember:
hence, this incomprehensible writing shit based on things in/around my room:

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heroes are the one thing i can write about endlessly
im collecting all my writings on heroes here, in these comments
the only reason being i don't want them to disappear in the stacks and stacks of papers and essays and pieces I've written for no reason other than to express my thoughts

i would put them all in this blog, but i write about heroes too much and i want one place for them all to go
and you can't edit blog posts so
into the comments of this post they go lol

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tarot card


i made a tarot card for a contest

i'm really proud of it, i think i did a good job

you can look at it here if you want

if you only have a school email account, im really sorry, but you probably won't be able to look at it unless you log out of your school email