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sorry for the lecture...

I really wanted to say that i'm so grateful that people use this site, cuz i expected it to be a ghost town when i first made my account, you guys are so approchable and nice and it makes me so happy and im so so so glad people just instantly get my love for music on here.
I just reaaaaallllly wanted to say you're all amazing and if it weren't for you guys i'd probably be in a state of distress , oh and small update on my composition to those who were wanting to hear about it: i'm keeping it as an idea for now because i really want to focus on finding people to jam out with before i start

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Today was my lucky day

So Spotify spared me today. 4 my chem songs without a single ad! This is literally the most exciting thing thats happened in a while haha...

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hey, has anyone talked to joy laser lately? i think she hasn't been here for a few months and i'm just wondering if anyone's talked to her recently?

also s.2 of umbrella academy is amazing

have a nice day!

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Party on Wayne! (party on garth)

So today's my birthday and I'm really happy cuz I got some really cool gifts, but I don't really enjoy telling the whole world in detail cuz Im uncomfortable about talking about my birthday (not sure why but it's not something I usually talk about)

Anyway I just wanted to say to all of my fellow killjoys who are having a tough time, you can do it! Regardless of whatever is challenging you at the moment, or any troubles you are having, sometimes taking a moment to assess your surroundings helps a lot!

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Ok so to anyone who posted their lyrics I've just gotten a surge of inspiration and I'm now continuing on my composition. If anyone wants me to send a snippet of it I'd be more than happy to!

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So as you may know I have a bit of experience with composing, hence the title. I was really inspired to do something rock inspired this week, and as crap as I am at music, I'm finding it really hard doing it on my own and uh don't really know how to phrase this but how did my Chem do it?? Obviously I get they have wayyy more experience but you'd think making a song is easy right? Evidently not...

Anyway have a great day <3

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Always late but it's the thought that counts?

Didn't have internet the other day so unfortunately I couldn't post a happy birthday post for Ray. (not that he'll see it but y'know)

Anyway happy late bday Ray! You've really helped me motivate myself these past few years, and for that I'm forever grateful! Hope you had a great day!

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Feel free to message me I would love to get to know more of you all :)

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Sorry I haven't been active like I said I would turns out a lot is going on and I haven't had the chance to check this because no one really knows of its existence beyond everyone on this site.
I mean everyone on this site is a lot of people but I meant like people as in my friends and family.

But yeah I hope your day is going well!


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I'm back wooo

Hellooooo I'm alive again
Expect either me commenting on every post or expect that to happen soon :)