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happy pride month :)

i know i’m a little late to the party but HAPPY PRIDE MONTH!!!!
remember you are valid even if you are still in the closet or if your family doesn’t support you.

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little late but oh well

i've been on this site for a little over a year
so happy belated one year site anniversary to me lol

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hey guys, what's up? how are you doing today?
so as some of you know, almost 2 months ago my parents found out that i was su!c!d4l and d3pr3ssed and my mom's been looking for a therapist this whole time..
well.. i have my first therapy appointment on monday and im actually terrified.
my mom said that this therapist isn't going to be permanent, she just wanted to find me one as soon as she could for the time being.
i know my mom most likely didn't tell the therapist i was trans or told them my name and pronouns so im also very scared to come out the my therapist.
my mom just told me about the

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hey fam. haven't been on here in a while. just thought i'd post to see how everyone's doing.. although the comments don't seem to be working, not sure why.
life has been... interesting since i last posted. my depression seemed to get worse after i got outed even though my parents are 100% supportive. i think most of it comes from dysphoria, being called the wrong name, getting misgendered, yk stuff like that. i'm also really really fucked up with school, i probably won't pass this year and have to make up a bunch of stuff senior year.
i had a huge depressive episode last week and this monday

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PSA: (PLEASE SHARE) It's Trans Day of Visibility! A day like today saves lives.. you may ask "why?" - simply because...
Using a trans persons pronouns IS SUICIDE PREVENTION!!!
Supporting & accepting a trans person IS SUICIDE PREVENTION!!!
Using a trans person's preferred name IS SUICIDE PREVENTION!!!
I'm extremely fortunate to have supportive people in my life, like my parents and friends. Without them, I would not have been writing this post. Coming out saved my life.
To anyone struggling with mental health related to LGBTQ+ issues, I see you, I hear you and I stand with you. YOU MATTER.

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hey im back :)

sup fam!
how are yall doing?
life's been crazy ever since i got outed (details about that in my last post)
my mom's taking me shopping to get boys clothes and im going to get my hair cut soon!
we still haven't told any of my other family, not even my sister knows
in a way i feel like my parents already forgot but i know it takes time for them to process everything!
im also going to get into counseling and most likely get a gender therapist
me & my parents haven't talked about anything serious since the night i got outed and i really want to talk to them i just dont know how to bring it up :/

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outed - tw

yesterday i was outed for not only being trans but that im suicidal/self harming. my mom came home and i knew it was gonna happen because i saw the texts from her and my dad on his phone. my mom and i were home alone and she said "we need to talk". she sat me down and said that she was contacted by someone who was very concerned with my "suicidal behaviors". so for this to make more sense, i had been messaging a mom, specifically of a girl who committed suicide back in november. we had a mutual friend. we also went to the same school, just not the same year.

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got called the t slur for the first time ever in class today

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potential band name???

hey folks
need your opinion on something
which sounds better
"the broken hourglass" or "the shattered hourglass"
thx love yall <3

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woah woah woah

(possible tw)
haven't been on here much lately
how's everyone been?
life's been shit
sad boi hours are now 24/7
might be admitted to the hospital soon for su!c!d4l thoughts/ideation
well yeah, nothing much more i can really say
oh also, if you haven't seen andy biersacks new yt videos, go watch them..
like right now :)
haha anywayss love yall x