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it was the march of 2019's blog

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I am new to the fandom and I love mcr, I am so excited to see them on tour or see the new albums they will have

The drunk future of my chemical romance

it was the march of 2019, Gerard had done songs with ray and frank is all like "yo let me join" and they're all like "ok" so then Mikey is all like "wait, you got the band back together and you didn't tell me" and his and Gerard's mom is all like "Gerard let mikey bacc into the band" and Gerard, Frank and ray are all like "oooookkkkkaaaayyy" and so once they are all back together, Gerard is all like "maybe we should play some classics to get back in the swing of things" so they play sum fricken "welcome to the black parade", "na na na (nanananana)", " I'm not okay", "famous last