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Ode to My Child/Teenhood ('Cause I'm Turning 19 on Friday)

Underneath the rising sun
And the new moon,
Winter has given way to springtime.

Where has innocence gone?
Where has it been taken?
I've beheld it.

Underneath the noonday sun
And the waxing moon,
Spring has given way to summertime.

Where have daydreams gone?
Where have they been taken?
I've forgotten them.

Underneath the setting sun
And the full moon,
Summer has given way to autumntime.

Where has play gone?
Where has it been taken?
I've felt it.

Underneath the dying sun
And the waning moon,
Autumn has given way to wintertime.

Where have memories gone?
Where have they been taken?
I've treasured

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Concerning MCR Reunion Murmurs (and other stuff)

I honestly think that if they got together some time soon that their music will be better than all of their past albums and that it wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing for them personally if they did.

Reasons why I think this:

1. All of them are in a better place now emotionally/mentally
2. All of them have matured even MORE musically
3. Gerard Way has said that if they ever did get back together, they wouldn't be a stress driven music-making machine (literally said, "....we wouldn’t be in that machine anymore"), so I think they'll feel more confident releasing stuff like the reported 28

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Joe Jonas Reveals Possible MCR Reunion?

Just found this after reading the blog posted before mine: (<-6:13-6:29)

What do you guys think? I'm really trying hard (and failing) to not get too pumped just yet...