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Yo Gabba Gabba
We love Yo Gabba Gabba. And I love DJ Lance. These are some drawings I did after talking to series creator Christian Jacobs and getting really inspired. We talked a lot about Hoth and we definitely wanted a Yeti. Thanks to James Dewees and the awesome people at YGG, that dream was realized.
Comic shop today...

Went to Secret HQ today in Silverlake and picked up the newest Prison Pit, Yo Gabba Gabba comics, and something that looked cool called The Devastator...I haven't read the Gabba or Devastator yet but Prison Pit was, as usual, super brutal.
Going to pick up Craig Thompson's new book, Habibi, next week and I'm really excited about it.

Fright Night-

Was fucking awesome... lots of vampires got killed. It also stayed very true to the original in my opinion. Anyone else spot the sweet Alkaline Trio poster? Or Lisa Loeb?

Once more unto the breach, dear friends...

“Your past doesn’t matter- what happened five years ago doesn’t matter- the only thing that matters is your friends on stage- and what you do tonight. That will last forever.”

Reading and Leeds-

Frank said this seconds before we killed the house-lights on stage at Reading- in a group hug, and in near darkness. And not to misquote him but this is what I heard in my head- maybe he said it more poetically, but he has a talent for being direct- which is what I love about him.

And we were very direct.

Our past with the festival is often misconstrued, seen through the lens of “revisionist history” depending on who writes about it. “2006 was a triumph!”. “2006 was a bloodbath!”. It is surely sensational but to me it was simply boring to talk about- or was my boredom masking fear?

No matter what it was- it was the exact recipe for a life-or-death rock and roll show- and that happens to be our specialty.

You see, the thing about My Chemical Romance is that we never wanted to be cool. We never wanted anything dropped in our palms- we wanted to take it. We wanted to be US- and we wanted the same thing for the fans. And because of that- we faced adversity- and started to get really good at it.

So when we got the call to headline the festival it didn’t matter how afraid I was, how reserved, paranoid, nauseous- terrified. We had to do it- in fact we congratulated each other.

I got up there for one reason- US. Every member of the band, and every kid that believed- all of US. And I will never forget the smiles on all of our faces. That was my favorite part.

So I wanted to drop this note and thank every one of you in the crowd that made those nights spectacular. Also the crew, who works very hard, and Brian May, for giving us inspiration, courage, and honoring us by sharing the stage.

Reading and Leeds were the best shows of my life. Period.

Let’s do it again some time.

In other news and rumors:
It has come to my attention that certain things recently said have been misquoted-
Most specifically the bit about Danger Days not being our best work.

It was our best work, my favorite album we’ve done, and the one I’m most proud of.

It’s very easy to accidentally take bits from other interviews and make stories out of them. The bit I have read involves me talking about the “scrapped” or “lost” album- not Danger Days, and then talking about a “new” album.
It would be a discredit to every fan who showed their colors, fucked their hair up, embraced their artistic side, pointed their raygun squarely at the sun, and stood by the band to discount anything we put our name on and released. We gave this album our everything and so did the fans- we will never forget that. We’re also not done with it yet- and have some exciting news coming-

On a “new album”: I’ve actually been very careful/cagey about this subject. All I’ve admitted to was writing songs, because that’s what a band is supposed to do- write songs you want to play in front of people.
Do I think it’s going to be another 5 years before a new album? No. But I can’t say when it will come- we spent the last 3 years of our lives trying to do that and it wasn’t healthy. The band will do what it always does- search. Into the dark, with just the four of us, and come out with something we’ve discovered. A new art. A new perspective. A new sound.
But I really do appreciate the genuine excitement for whatever we do next- that means a lot. So just a bit of clarification then-
I feel a song coming on…


: I feel terrible
: I feel terrible
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