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One Blessed Cabinet (song lyrics/ poem)

I got a full stock liquor cabinet
With a bible on top
Please return when I'm not sober
So I can half believe your bullshit

I'm not looking for salvation, but I could use some friends

Maybe I should here you out
Maybe I should self destruct
I'm not saying that you're wrong
But I'm just coping till the apocalypse

Would you stop me before I fall
Or should I pray in a bathroom stall
Let me know when it's all over
Your beliefs make me feel small

I'm not looking for forgiveness, but I could use some friends


I got a full stock liquor cabinet
With a bible on top


Online dating and folk punk

Hey everyone

So I've had tinder for a few months (honestly probably longer than I should have) and I just deleted it, now I'm not sure when to download and try another dating app.

In other things I've been listening to folk punk a lot more lately ( thanks Z). It's inspiring me to write new music. Another thing I've been working on is playing guitar more then I have and practicing for a show I'm doing at the end of May.

Thank for reading

GIVE'EM HELL KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!

I miss the old days but I know I need to let them go

Life update for that people that are still around :/


Basically I've been living for like 3 or 4 months and things are going alright. I have tinder but I haven't gotten any matches on there and I don't know how much longer to keep it. My EP's are done and ready to be released. I'm doing it digitally because it's easier and no one really buys CDs anymore. So with that my "band" had a Twitter and Instagram. I'm kinda still unsure about it. I'm also doing a song with my best friend at a concert thing so that's go


‪The grass is greener somewhere but I haven't found it yet‬

I'm 26 and still have no clue what im doing with my life

It's time to live the lifestyle I want!

That means I'm going to get out of my workaholic rut and release my eps as much as it scares me. I'm also going to start trying to date

So wish me luck

I've been waking this word alone

Hello everyone

So I've been living by myself for a month now and it's been going alright. I don't have a roommate so I get to enjoy solitude witch I like. Honestly I'm at the point in my life where I want a partner, it's just that I'm too shy to get one. I'm also about to release two EPs (I guess) I'm really unsure about doing it because I'm not that great at selling myself. Honestly I'm just kinda lonely in life.

I'm pretty sure I'm just blogging into the void at this point


Well this is a ghost town now…
Moving out and fear of self-destruction

Hello people

So I'm moving out of my parents house really soon (like end of this mouth begging of next mouth) and I'm honestly kind of nervous because I have a part of me that can be self destructive and I'm afraid that it will go off the rails (I'm also not going to have a roommate). I don't want friends I call family see me hit rock bottom again, I know they'll give me hell to stop me but I don't want it to get to that point in the first place. So yeah I'm nervous as hell.

I know I should talk to my therapist about this but whatever


Grit your teeth keep running!!!

Hey everyone! I'm glad this is starting to feel little like the old days on here!

Anyways I have another anime recommendation it's Gurren Lagann it's basically giant fighting robots and it's inspirational as fuck and a lot less dark then kill la kill (the anime I recommend). Although there is one episode that can be triggering for some it's a good anime.

In other stuff I realize I haven't been as honest with my therapist as I should be and I know it's my choice to share what I need/want to, it honestly just feels like a chore at this point.