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first day of high school!! part 2!!!

Today was great!! I only had periods 1,2, and 3 today and tomorrow i have 4,5, and 6. It was sooo good! My first class was health, and the teacher was really cool! The classes are about an hour and a half long, but hey, i made it through!! My second period was biology, and my teacher was really cool, except a little unorganized. She didn't have a google classroom set up or a link for the google meet until after our class time had started, then she did it. But other than that, she seems really nice, and i like her style of teaching a lot. My third period was choir, oh boy, that was really fun.

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first day of high school!!

today is my first day of high school!! im really nervous, that i don't know why, but im really excited to meet new people (even if it is through a zoom meeting). i know some of you guys are older than me. any advice or tips?? im going to call my best friend right now and were going to hype each other up, i guess :) wish me luck!! i'll let ya know how it goes!! <3 thanks for reading!! xoxoxo

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anyone want to collab on a song?? (just for fun)

im gonna give this a shot. the song is called "locker room dysphoria". so, yeah, hopefully you get the idea. message me if you want to work on lyrics. xoxoxo

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hey-o, how was your day-o ??? (sorry that was lame) *you can keep scrolling*

hey fam. how was your day?
mine was really good!! i went to the beach since technically it's my last week of summer (even though the past 5 months have felt like summer). i start school, online obviously, on monday :( anyways, i had a lot of fun. me, my sister and my dad went to the beach, and it was really nice and we got in n out for lunch. the water was freezing and we made a sand castle. it was legit. then when we were driving home, we got lost:/. there was like a fire or an accident on the way home and freaking google kept directing us to the fire so we were lost for like 30 minutes.

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8/1/2020 - one of the best days in a long time <3

today one a really good day, one of the best i've had in a really, really, long time.
one person made this day amazing, and i think they know who they are...
ah, it was just incredible. i probably won't be able to sleep tonight.
this morning, i woke up early and took a shower and just started off my day, slowly, but surely. then i ate breakfast with my family, then got ready for the day. some shirts that i ordered came today and i really love them. then in the afternoon, me and my sister and mom went to the store to get a bunch of stuff, and it was nice going out.

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any bvb fans?

So if nobody's gonna talk about it, I am. (i kind of feel weird doing this, since this site is mcr fans, so sorry if it's weird) but BVB released "Re-Stitch These Wounds" yesterday, which is like a re-making of "We Stitch These Wounds", and i really love it. I think it has such good energy, and they really brought it to life. Both versions are incredible, and the amount of effort those guys put into every song is just amazing. "Knives and Pens" sounds awesome, but I prefer the original one, it sounds more authentic and the sound is very clear.

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i just re-came out!!!

so almost a year ago i came out to my aunt as bi. then a few months later, i realized i was pan. and i guess i never had the chance to re-come out to her as pan. so tonight, she came over, and we were looking through my school yearbook and we played "guess the queer kids" and i told her my friend was bi. she told me that she didn't believe that being bisexual was "real" so fuck that. anyways, she asked me "what do you think" (about the bi thing) and i told her "well, im not bi, im pan" and she said, "wait, what is that"? so i explained it to her and she said "oh, that makes sense".

oh wow,

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so, yeah, that's my face
sorry for your eyeballs, in advance
(i'll probably delete it though)

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happy imcrd!!!

happy internation mcr day!!
how are the killjoys celebrating?
im probably gonna play their music all day
and no on can stop me.. ahhaaaa
also might make a cake or something
wow... just.. wow.
it amazes me, the courage of this band <3
alright, well, have fun killjoys, and i love you. xoxoxo

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i need inspiration

i want to draw something... but im braindead, undecisive, and bored

i like doing lyric drawings, if that makes sense
like taking a lyric from a song, and making it visual
but maybe incorporating the lyric/song in a really cool way
like those pictures you might see of a song with the lyrics
with something that makes it visual
(i swear, im so bad at explaining things, im sorry)

so yeah, gimme a song & lyric in that song and i'll draw it
(preferably a mcr song/lyric, but i'll try my best to do whatever y'all want)

so yeah, thanks, i love you guys, xoxo