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Some questions (again)

Do you know about Hannah Bond?
If not, here's a few facts. She hanged herself at the age of 13, she was a fan of My Chemical Romance and a so-called Emo. After her death, the Daily Mail called the scene a „sinister cult“ and also said, it was MCR's and the scene's fault what happened, even some parents had the same opinion. Meanwhile, fans and especially Keerang defended both the scene and the band. As you can see the opinions on this case differ heavily.
Please answer the following questions.

1. Do you think that it was the fault of My Chemical Romance's lyrics, which talked about death

My Chemical Romance

my name is Lynn, I'm from Germany and I might need some help from all of you - the whole MCRmy. I'm currently writing an essay about the question "Are idols dangerous?" So since my idols are the members of My Chemical Romance, I write the essay about this band. So I need all your help to prove, that idols aren't dangerous at all, especially when they are MCR. So please, write me to the following e-mail, why exactly you love My Chemical Romance and in which ways they have helped you through the years.

It would be awesome to receive lots of answers!
LG, Lynn

E-mail adress: