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arguing w the gf again and im feeling like big sad

ever just feel sad? like sad and stuff, you feel me? (idek what that was)
feel like my girlfriends gonna break up w me :/
im trying to cope with all the fighting and the pain but its just really bad, nothing feels right.
musics been helping, the whole killjoys thing is helping, letting myself escape and become parasite princess for a hot minute or so really makes it better but idfk its just not good nothings good yall
i need a hug and a lil kiss and to be told its all going to be okay followed by hours of cuddles, im a little brat lolll idk i just need love need to feel that
i dont want to

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just life update

i'm doing okay, been sad a lot, woop dee doo you know like i cry a lot but crying is healthy and good so dont stop crying, ive been writing more poetry about my current situation w my girlfriend and just like life in general so look forward to that, but like i'm completely and totally infatuated with her, shes amazing, just kind of hurts my feelings sometimes. im a very shy person despite being very loud, so i dont really voice how i feel when she upsets me. its been bottling up and festering for a week or two and i need to just yell at someone but im not into fighting so idk.

another thingy

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♡ decomposition of the limbic system ♡

during a nap i dreamt,
that for you i sent,
and the night we spent,
beside each other, we slept.

I woke up this evening,
wishing i was still dreaming,
but no ribbons of light were streaming,
across my white popcorn ceiling.

i hoped to see you beside me,
i knew if you could you would be,
but my bed is still empty,
and it's driving me crazy.

i just want you to appear,
want you be here,
because i feel oh so drear,
when i'm not in your arms, my dear.

because when you're close,
my soul finds repose,
all my woes,

so tonight i'll dream of you,
everything i wish was true,
all the things

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updates on the Korse situation

The guys back and he has hella suits, my girl gang and i are going to need more back up then we thought, this is going to get messy, bring your masks, and dont look down!

Parasit, Out!

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am i in an unhealthy relationship?

if youve seen my posts recently, youve noticed theyre all about a girl. she's my girlfriend and i love her a lot. I'm kind of dependent on her. we argue a lot but always make up, but twice now she's "broken up" with me (so said she was leaving and stayed) and i just beg for her to come back.

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punch me in the face for me

for someone like you, i was unprepared
when i catch your dazzling eyes i get so scared
my heart feels like its melting
everythings so overwhelming
but i wouldnt change anything because
i still have nightmares about the way it was and
youre just so amazing
and i'm a walking faux pas
ive opened up too much, and i feel so raw
but with you im stronger than ive ever been
to explain how much youve helped me, i cant even begin
so i dont know if this is a thank you or an apology
for not being as amazing to you as you are to me
maybe its just both, and thats perfectly fine
because the way i see you,

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<3 cheater cheater girlfriend eater <3

she was a marble statue,
made of one's and zero's.
i could read her like a book,
and to the forefront of my mind she rose.

i let her inside,
and she watched me fall apart,
But instead of leaving she picked me up,
and attempted to mend my broken heart

and in the end i wasn't all fixed,
but i felt much better than before,
i was so grateful,
but I still wanted more.

so i took and took,
but never gave,
consumed by need,
greed crashing like a wave.

i keep making mistakes,
and i know you deserve better than me.
but you never leave,
never ask to be set free.

and i know despite all the guilt i feel,

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<3 eternity, please <3

as a thief i find myself thinking,
what, today, do i feel like stealing?
a line of a song, for my ever growing collection?
to bring my poems to complete perfection?
no, I'd get caught stealing those pretty lyrics,
i don't want to get in trouble with the critics,
so i'll walk 'round the world looking for something to steal
something beautiful, something pulsing, that will make me feel.
after walking for months I arrived to that place,
and saw your heart thumping in that glass case,
I spent hours trying to figure out how to break the glass,
i knew i couldnt on my own, but alas,
i made it my

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she gives me stupid butterflies and she makes me smile, and i wanna be around her all the time and stuff.

and she make my heart beat really fast but i feel so calm and safe when im with her, like nothing can hurt me (not even myself!)


i just love her, nothing'll change that,

she better believe it.

i feel awful because i cant do anything really big for valentine's, but i still want to show her how much i care.

any last minute ideas on what i can do?

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how do i know if im in love

basically i think i am but im still not sure and its kind of scary, so okay whenever i see or think about or hear this person's name i get so giddy and when im with them its like nothing else matters and whenever they talk to anyone else i get so jealous and other stuff like that, and i just wanna be in their arms and be with them forever you know? at first i was convinced this was just a crush but now we're dating and its been a few months and all the feelings have gotten stronger and i still get butterflies idk. is this love or am i being over dramatic?