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I got my tickets!!!

First show of the US tour!! Detroit, Michigan!!! Itll be a 3 hour drive and I dont even know where I'm seated but omg I am so freaking excited!!!!

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Unpopular opinion

So my phone wont let me post the picture but I saw ads for the mcr hangman's shirt along with personalized mcr tarot cards..... if this is the direction they're actually going in... ouija boards and tarot cards??.... I dont know if I can support anymore.... those are two things I have NOTHING to do with EVER.... I love this band. They saved me but this I just dont know

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Poem: Boy Division *slight trigger warning*

Would you give in?
Would you go along with the rest of them?
What's wrong with the way you look?
Why act so confused of who you are?
No matter how you look... THEY WILL JUDGE.

Are you willing to shove all your friends away?
Just because they're different?
Shoot them in the head or watch them hang?
No matter what you change... THEY WILL STILL JUDGE YOU.

Why dont you run?
Why dont you stop hiding?
Why don't you be yourself?
Why dont you stand up against them?
Give it time... you'll teach them not to judge.

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Found my old notebook

Filled this notebook back in 2013 or so and I found a few I did about Boy Division, Burn Bright, Surrender the Night, and The World is Ugly... I figured maybe I'd share them with yall here :)

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Bills bills bills

I feel like right now my life is surrounded by bills from rent to my jeep to my loan to my PayPal credit. So much money needs to go out all the time and it's so annoying. When will the cycle end

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Day 11 of no drinking

Lifes so strange how much I catch while sober. My memory still sucks but it's great not to feel sick all the time and now...... here comes mcr!!!

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October 2016 my last blog

Amazing how long it's been since I've been involved in this community.
I used to come here for help whenever I needed it.
My last blog was about my problem with drinking.
Amazing since then I stopped drinking but then dove in head first and started partying so much all the time too.....
Now as of today November 5th... I'm a week and 3 days without alcohol and drugs and im 2 days without soda. I'm so proud of myself for staying strong and not giving into temptation

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ive been changing a lot lately

finding out i have such a bad drinking problem bothers me so much but things can change i know it

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i want to

theres no one to truley stop me..... he wont do it i give up,,, dont hate me

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freaking out on the inside

i just found out my mom has a tumor on her kidney...... im not okay... im really not.... we dont know if its cancerous or not yet but cancer runs in her side of the family. ive alreay had an aunt and uncle die from it....... i really dont know what im going to do if it is...... as not so close and as many ups and downs as weve had in my life i cant lose my mom not yet.......

please just keep me in your thoughts while we're facing this