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its been a week

i've been feeling empty sorta? last year was really a bummer for me and i had a really hard time and was miserable and (do i say it?) a lil bit suicidal and that stuff is definitely coming back like before and i hate feeling like this and yikes, just yikes.

but on the flip side, i'm making friends?? its kinda late in the year and i never really talk to people like at school (what is there to talk about? i'm kinda a boring person and my passions are kinda things that, idk, i feel like, at my school, people just aren't into and don't care about.

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i'm finally reading the umbrella academy

I went to my local comic shop to get Fangoria and it turns out they had like all these extra copies of The Umbrella Academy so they gave one to me for like $5

Anyway I have less than a week of school until I'm off this is pretty epic

Here's a random pic of Gee I have saved idk

He looks really epic here I could never

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I has girlfren (my day today)

so I got a gf two days ago, and they really liked me and I think im falling 4 them 2! I've known them 4 almost 3 years now, and it's crazy to think that they've possibly liked me all that long!

whatever, they're cute and nice and sweet and they actually want to be emo so...

im also partaking in an "illegal" coffee trade. my fren is bringing coffee to me at school so I can have some cause im not allowed to have any at home..she's so nice to me!! it really sucks, though, since her father is hurting her. I think I might tell the counselor about it.

anyways, that was my day today.

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Let’s Go Back To The Middle Of The Day That Starts It All- Update on My Mom

My mom has brain damage they think from lack of oxygen during the 8 hr surgery. Her personality will never be the same if she even wakes up from her coma-like state.

So yeah... neuro team will confirm tomorrow.

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octo dierum

Eight days.

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I just cannot....

Guys !!! jut freaking eight day before there official return !!!!!!!
My mind doesn't process that every time I think about there return....I don't know it is seem like a big dream that I just cannot wake up
because that dream it is the freaking reality !!!!!!!!!!!


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Who else is waiting?

i swear i need mcr to make an official tiktok page right this second. it will be so chaotic and emo it's all we need. i want to see mikey do the hype. i want frank to yell about chaotic things like fizzy milk. i need it. please! it will be incredible. it is my dream.