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Hey hey hey!

No for your information I did not slam my finger in the car door. Also no I didn't catch feelings for multiple fictional characters and no I DO NOT kin Denki Kaminari(yes these are all lies)

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oh the classic title . thats the only title i can think
so whats up with you guys?????
heres a update on me
im trying to knit myself leg warmers but im really better at crochet, whitch is easyer
im sitting and waiting for play practice and in the first good mood i tink ive been in all month- oh wait its the first of the month :P anyway yeee- my internal struggles are not catching up to me today!!!!!!!
ive had all the cutest songs stuck in my head all day - all the songs from pinkerton and i know its past valentines day but thats how im feeling- like all hearts and 20 different shades of red

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I wish I was scared of the dark. I mean most people are, but I always find comfort sitting in it. Get home, shower then lay in bed. Don’t turn the lights on. My daily routine. Sit in the dark and listen to music. A vampire. That’s what my mom calls me. It’s not that I don’t like the light, you just think differently in the dark. You find comfort in it like a big black blanket wrapped around you. You just let go not knowing what could happen. Your mind travels to so many places and everything’s fine. Until you realize you’re alone. The feeling of loneliness hits you.

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been a while

wow, I thought this site lost the battle to the spammers a while back but apparently not!
hello to all those who remain on this website

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I have been struggling anxiety and depression for a while. I didnt even know about this my chem blog and stuff. I thought that i can use here as a diary or something. Because i really need to relief and i couldnt tell my friends what i am struggling with. I have gorgeous friends and a lovely boyfriend but i felt alone. I know i shouldnt be complaining. I am sorry.

and there is a pic that i drew on the media!