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bordom blog

hey buckos,

i am so tiered. i didn't even stay up late. and i finished the assignment that we are working on in-class. submitted and everything.

in class now. this is going to be a long 2.25 hours...

when i get home i just have a couple errands to run. get some pictures framed. work on getting the house ready to show/sell.

i went to Saver's yesterday. got a WMBR (my favorite radio station) shirt, a R B G shirt, and a super comfy hoodie. I love saver's so much. its pretty much my 2nd home.

this bored is basically a boredom blog.

might meet killjoywarrior next year!! im going to europe for my

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checking in/fanfic list

had a neuro psych test today. it was 4 hours long, i nearly fell asleep!

i met someone who id like to be my roommate at BSU, hopefully a better roommate than the one i had at salem (we just didnt work, not a good match). shes very nice and friendly. we emailed, texted and video called. we're meeting up at a coffee shop on thursday. im so excited! and get this, her last name is WAY! like gee and mikey. lol thats pretty cool. but i promise thats not the (only) reason i want her to be my roommate.

ive been working my ass off on setting up my college shit.

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