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Today has been a pretty relaxing day so far. I’m about to go take a walk in a cemetery. Should be relaxing. Anyway, how has you guys days been?
xoxo Denizen

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every mcr song playing over one another at the same time because why not

start your day (or not, idk when your seeing this) with a video that will hurt your brain! here’s every mcr song playing over each other at the same time!
i don’t even know how i got to this on youtube xD

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The prank was perfect!!!

So basically last night some old family friends came to our house and had dinner. Be being, well, me; I decided to throw on a huge black dress and some fake blood from last Halloween. And ohmilord was it perfect!! Basically I got control of the speakers downstairs (I’m really good with technology) and the speakers were playing classical music but I switched it to blast Vampires Will Never Hurt You and and i was still in my room and they were in the kitchen.

spooky fuckin' skeleton's picture
a h a h a

very much tw by the way

in geometry yesterday i realized how sharp that bit on my drawing compass was
so i packed it in my pencil case and took it home
and at midnight or so i scratched the shit out of my leg with it
i was too close to getting blood on my sheets lmao
yeah my three-month or so streak is gone like that
oh well i don't care that much i missed it

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so today I told my best friend I liked him....... but last year we dated for like 3 days and i feel cause i asked him why he liked me and he said and i qoute "Cuz ur ok I thought u were cute u still r and ur nice and almost just like me lol ik I h8 it but idc lol " and then i said "now u made me blush gross" then he said "Oh Hehe I maid u blush IV GOT THE POWA" and he was not mad at me he was being nicer but yea XD to me and frick my life cause and then he asked me if i had a boner it was a veary weird convesation so he went to bed and i feel weird so i wanna die anyways then i called him

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Friday Nights

Sorry I’m posting so much but I don’t have anything better to do other take walks in cemeteries. Friday nights. I’m eating a crap ton of junk food because I only let myself do that on weekends. And watching Interview With The Vampire. Hell yeah. Oh and today I got a Slipknot backpack.

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chill 2

meeting is done

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the chat is still up, use the link in my other post to get in

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wanna chill?

yo, you, bulletproof in black like a funeral.

wanna chill? have a break, have a google meet:

hey y'all i just wanna say that i wanna meet someone with turrets or have a tic problem so bad. Ik people think that its not that great but I think all the tics and shit are soooooooo cute so i wanna just compliment them on it and put some positivity out there.