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hotel apple

im a hotel apple, looks fine on the outside, but once you take a bite, you realize that it’s rotten and old and disgusting
you never seemed to mind
you keep your eyes locked on mine as you feed, devouring hotel apples one after another after another
you lick the maggots off your chin and smile brighter then-
i am a hotel apple i am
a hotel apple


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if you see this im not here i am simply vibing in my own plane of existence.

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im sad all the time

isnt it weird that we can get drunk? like im feeling a lil buzz from the beer, but i dont get that from fruit juice. just weird.

i am still very very sad about tim. i'm just so confused right now and im sure he must be too,.... been shut in my room cuz of it. been playing fidlar on guitar and thats fun tho. i hadnt broken out the electric in a while but im into their song called "alcoholic" so i play that.

my parents are worried. i havent said anything. you guys are the only ones i talk to about how sad i am about missing tim....


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Sorry ik i just posted

Go to the cemetery on any day that there has been rain
Only between the hours of midnight and two a.m.
Walk up the steps
Count them
When you get to the top of the stairs
Close your eyes and count to one-hundred
DO NOT open your eyes before you get to one-hundred
Then turn around and open your eyes
You should see a vision
A hazy apparition
It will place its hand on your head
And whisper something in your ear
The answer to whatever question you most want to know
Close your eyes again
When you open them
It will be gone
Now you must go back down the stairs
Count them as you go down
If the number

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So, people recently have been telling me to read or watch something called Homestuck. Idk what it is, so i figured you peoples would know. So uh yeah, tell me what Homestuck is, also i wan tyour opinions of it. Is it good? Is it trash? Lemme know

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oceans is stuck in my head

okay, but seriously where did vaya and vamos even come from
they're just t h e r e for the whole comic with no origin story

remington leith is definitely an angel on cocaine
only a couple days until the road trip
did someone here once say life is SPICY because that quote's randomly written in my notes app from like January

no one:
birds at 2:51 am: GOOD MORNING HOW DO YOU DO
haha reference

I'll go now

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is fanfiction beneficial to youth?

i found the topic for my argumentative paper! you would not believe it, but there are many scholarly articles on the harms and benefits of fanfiction. from teaching english to non english speakers, to engaging those who would not read otherwise, to engaging communities, to connecting people. those are all pros. but there are also cons, such as parental fear, lack of supervision, overly sexual content, questionable copy write... of corse i'll be arguing that it is good. but i'm excited to work on this paper now. maybe i'll do better with this one as i am more engaged!

if any of you have any

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it’s hard to look in blank vacant eyes
it’s harder to leave on the pavement
broken legs broken wings
broken bird
ripped open throat, i can see the bones inside. no maggots and flies gnawing on your skin yet, no maggots and flies crawling and writhing around your flesh yet
bent talons, bent feathers
bent body
im always late even when i’m invited
why do i think the end will be any different


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