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something good :)

yesterday, something pretty damn good happened.
so i got a guy that i like's number, about a week ago, and we've been texing a lot. yesterday, he asked me if he could tell me something important. I told yeah of course.
then he said i like you.
so i told " *happy squirrel noises* " and said i like you too.
then he says i mean like you like you which i just said "what do you think *happy squirrel noises* is?"
then he asked me out.
but i still dont know if im technically allowed to date, and i want to get to know him better too, so i told him that and he agreed so now we are in that "talking"

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They say being insane is dangerous.
It's only dangerous when you have nothing to lose.
then theres nothing to stick around for.
nothing to worth holding yourself together for.
No reason to keep going.

Theres nothing to hold you back when that kid pushes you just a little too far.
Nothing to keep you from stopping him in the hall
pushing him against the wall
stopping his heart
then letting him fall.

Watching as the other kids scream, running away.
some stick around, and stare.
you laugh as the "Crack" pierces the air,
five times over.
they all fall,
one by one.

The people run up

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Winters Bliss

Well it’s finally Fall.... after having summer weather, until mid October.

I’m going through a spell, of Depressed thoughts and such. Been feeling about needing a “Mental Break”, from work and such; but I’m not necessarily wanting to be Inpatient....

I just want to like have a vacation, but I don’t have any paid time off left that I know of???

I also want to just go missing, where no one knows where I am and see if anyone fucking cares if I’m gone.

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boring update

i have two tests on monday . im so not prepared . i did get a really good grade in a writing assignment in public speaking though!!

im so hungry . and tiered .

got a text from an old friend from the hospital i was in in april! so thats cool . we write letters to each other because we are cute as fuck .

got to study but so tiered . also think my kettle is broken . its been making weird sounds when i boil water . i need hot water so bad though, for coffee .


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hospital take #number i dont even know anymroe

back from the hospital... agian
I ODed on alcohol. was unconscious in the ER for 5 hours... all im gonna say is im going sober for a little while. no weed. no booze. no nothing. should actually be kind of difficult...
anyways just wanted to update you on where i was.