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if yall like gay smut u should check out my brother VonBoche on newgrounds, if u cin overlook the furry shit, it's actually pretty good. and i am a furry hunter saying this.

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Bucket list

imagine if you will
a truck.
a cement truck.
the cement is a compounded cocktail of garbage, trash, recycling and refuse.
A cemented fermentation of dementia and daemons en absentia
there's a highway.
and this highway leads to every where.
one exit leads to the land of the great view.
another leads to the lands of great thunder and echo.
yet another leads to the land of soft ground.
and the last leads to a land of great flavor.
but before the truck can reach it's destinations
to pave over these natural beauties
and make the world bland
it must break a barrier. and it does

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i made another art.
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i broke my earbuds.

so i went back and listened to some of that early trap-rap, like early migos, and soundcloud era x, and peke 77, and omygod we had no trap producers who knew what they where doing.

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What Rock Opera/ Concept Album would be your soundtrack?

mine would be 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show", performed by little nell, tim curry, and a shit ton of other people.

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I busted my shit.

so, i was at a skatepark today, right. and right next to the park was this old school playground, right?
you know, with the merry-go-rounds, and the long metal slide that burned your ass when u went down it?
well there was this big ol roller slide blocked off with a chain, so i thought: that wold be fun to skate down, right? and i built up speed, and tried to jump the fucking chain, but i didn't jump high enough, and it rammed my shin so hard it bled, and the i fell down the slide and landed on my ass

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stupid shit

so i found out that you can't search anything containing 666 on these chrome books.
like wtf. is the devil gunna jump out and hack the chromebooks?

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Rich People Suck

i cannot freaking beleive the bullshit these upper middle class schaumburgians are tryin ta pull.
these wannabe whiteboy gangbangas are bein the loudest most retarded bullshit dickeating zilchheads ever. and they say
oh, im strapped, bruh.
i get my baseball bat. i don't play baseball. it's a weapon
and these muthafuckas skrrt and hit the dab like whiz khalifa
so u tell me.
u strapped. but u gunna flea like a parasite?
and they got like 100 dollar sweaters. i never even seen a hundred dollar bill in my life. all you gotta do is grab ur knife and put punk on ur cheap headset, and they nervous

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The Wicked Outro

Take a glance
it's your last chance
the ship is sinking
time to dance
nationwide panic
no-one planned it
we're flying round
on a burning planet

at what you fucking wrought
look at what you have unleashed
wished the more that you had bought the more they were appeased
but no
it's time to go, to face the wicked outro

Staircase exit
you knew it existed
but fought it all away
now your pissed
cus the caviar
and fancy cars
and things you had to pay for
didn't take you so far

so take a look
at what you fucking did
look at your big mistake
these lives rested on you shoulders
but they

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It's not politics. It is fucking human rights

I'm glad these riots are happening, at least because the police need to learn that their actions have consequences.
but still, people shy away from the topic "because it's politics" shut the fuck up karen before take those fucking crystals-mystical-healing-cash-wasting-middle-class-helicopter-mom-bullshit and shove it all through your ear. human rights does not equate to politics just because you're a closet racist white supremacist bullshit. people who claim the police did nothing wrong. i hate everybody. i hate people. fuck you all. i want to die, cus hell would be better than this.