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I need a life

Hey y'all so first of all I need friends my age (and cute emo boys my age ;) )

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It's been 6 years

Hi so I'm a little late but I'd like to say My Chemical Romance will probably never get back together, but remember the members are happy now, so we should be happy about that...... But no matter how many years pass their amazing music will live on and continue to help people. Stay Strong Killjoys!!!!

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Hi guys so I just made a google classroom group, specially for emos or something so I would really appreciate it you guys joined!!! The code is: i35agg

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Hey my Killjoy bros, sooo March 22nd is coming up, I've cried like 20 times so it's ok,(not really) it's funny cuz I actually wrote a story about like the killjoy and the danger days story. And my teacher accepted soooo lol, anyway I'm out for now!