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so many stars in the sky and I don't know why they always have to fall on me

maybe i'm blind to all the signs that the world never wanted me

I'm not really okay right now. I might not be on for a while.

stay safe x

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oceans is stuck in my head

okay, but seriously where did vaya and vamos even come from
they're just t h e r e for the whole comic with no origin story

remington leith is definitely an angel on cocaine
only a couple days until the road trip
did someone here once say life is SPICY because that quote's randomly written in my notes app from like January

no one:
birds at 2:51 am: GOOD MORNING HOW DO YOU DO
haha reference

I'll go now

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also shit day.

my parents told me that was likely the last time I'll ever see my friend (last blog for context) and I didn't even really say bye. we're taking furniture out of our house (moving soon) and it's pretty depressing. my mom tried to make me wear girl clothes. I got deadnamed again, and now I'm in a shitty mood and everything's annoying.

I'm not meaning to take attention away from z. sorry about the vent.

I'll just go watch the office

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the Grand Canyon

that shit's 6000 feet deep and has no railings

my friend of 5 years is coming over in a like an hour! no one has been exposed to covid-19 and we'll wear masks, it's safe.
I haven't seen her since January so I'm kinda excited
also she's getting a new dog! she's decided to name him Remi, because.. yes
I just discovered fluffernutters and how have I lived before this?
update: we are literally making plans to fly off to Europe because our families are currently being shitty
am I making sense? I need sleep
my only thoughts on the danger days comic are HELL YEAH LGBT+ CHARACTERS
Tyler Joseph's

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*desert song playing*

We are gathered here today to mourn the loss of Larry the sparrow. He was a young bird, not quite at his full size. Larry was stuck in a bug tent in the backyard, through no fault of his own. A small dog weaseled his way into the tent as well, and Larry unfortunately was killed. The dog is on trial. Larry has been buried in the same backyard. Keep running, Larry.

(yes i dug a grave for a bird my emotions are fucked up right now okay)

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happy 4th of July

you can swim in acnh now
I swear if k k slider doesn't get his ass over here soon

anyway how are y'all

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story of the day

part of a full length story I'm working on, it's gonna connect to the wof spinoff I posted yesterday
yes, it's set in the desert, what else
title ideas needed

I fly across the open desert sky, stretching and yawning off the sleep, feeling the setting sun warm my wings. Clouds loom in the distance. I hear a yell from the ground and turn sharply. Just Shadowseeker being a worrier, as usual. He yells my name again, so I drop back to the ground and run over to him.
“What now, Shadow?” I say exasperatedly.
“They could’ve seen you! Stop flying so high!” he answers.

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great idea

guys let's make a wings of fire rp
plot: a group of dragons travel across the continent in search of the missing Lazulite Drago, we could also have a few scavengers if you all want
if you have better plot ideas please let me know
here's the form to join

Your character's name:
Other comments:

ok cool thanks in advance everyone this is gonna be lit

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the hive mind is very powerful

we're starting to take furniture out of our house (we're moving soon)
it's weird
my dad's friend brought his dog, so now my hyper dachshund is annoying the shit out of a very chill greyhound, zuzie
zuzie is scared of shiny floors so she's just sitting on a tiny rug
it's ridiculous my dog can walk under her
taking a road trip soon, I won't be on much after around 3 pm CT on 7/9
nothing like sitting here and writing while the adults talk about important adult shit
friends is the best show ever fight me
happy 4th of July, though im not too proud of America right now
I'm gonna climb onto the roof

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story of the day

spinoff of wings of fire

Skye knew she wasn’t supposed to read much. Wasn’t supposed to ask so many questions about SunWings. Or MoonWings. Or about anything, if she was being honest. She wasn’t supposed to use that many colors. That many spices. She realized this the first time her mother locked her in the cupboard. Skye asked, looking up from her book, “If our queen is so nice and amazing, why did she make the MoonWings go ex-” Her mom yelled a curse word or two, snatched away the book, and shoved her in with the plastic china.