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Does anyone know if Show Pony has a symbol? I’m doing killjoy stuff and idk if they/ ze/ sie/ hir/ co/ ey has a symbol? (Also I have no idea what non-binary pronouns Show Pony uses so if you know?)
I know I’ve been on this bandom for a long time but I’ve just never seen it? Idk how I missed it but I still can’t find it

(Shrek 2019 mcr theory pls be true)

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Emo day

Hi everyone. If you didn’t know yesterday (19th of December) was national Emo day, and it fell on Emo week and on Wednesday- the Emo day of the week. This was a very amazing coincidence and just more proof 2018 of years of emos? If it is still December 19 in your Timezone, my friends and I blasted Welcome to the black parade at 11:44pm (and 46 seconds) and you should too!

Somehow eyeliner got on my ceiling and idk anymore.. oh god this blog is a complete wreck..
Oke bye

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Hmmmm idk anymore

Ok well... the community is super awkward now... umm
Congrats to Gerard Way, I guess? I love the new song Dasher. It’s super chill and adorable. Even though I should not associate his music with MCR, oh well.. there’s nothing else to post since.. you know..
Oh and congrats to Mikey, so adorable... my fangirling is out of control, I was flapping my arms at my phone with “awwww” and “eeeekk”

Okay I’m going to be inactive here for a while since this is awkward.... oke bye