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Pray for USA

I'm devastating about what happen in the world, especially in the USA

How in 2020 people stil racism ? How can happen ? I-
i was so chock when I saw the video

How the cops cannot feel anything ? George was saying : I can't breath, I can't breath
I think that yesterday I had a mental breakdown idk, but I cry for a long time. I go straight my hair put some music
Helena start to play
Again tear was falling and I choke an my own breath, my tummy was hurting like hell. I wanna scream too, scream pain to the world.
I don't understand how people like this cops can be so cruel.
I close my eyes and

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I find the cutest video !!!!

Frankie smile....
I am dying


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feeling alone

I am feeling sad
My day was pretty well, no fight, no scream.

i am just feeling sad.
and alone
miss my friend

I just miss everything
the quarantine is over here since one week
but I still can't see my friend

so I just watched a lot of series
right now I am listen to from dusk till dawn, pretty good

tomorrow is an another day, another chance to get better right ?

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Killjoys ID

I am just gonna drop my killjoys ID here because why not ?

Killjoys ID:
name : Sweet phantom
since: 2019
first song: Welcome to the black parade
Symbol: Melting Candy
color: Blue, purple, pink, yellow
Motto : Smiling is the best revenge
Killjoys song ; Famous last word/ save yourself I'll hold them back
status: Peacefully reading book at the diner and blast music because I am alone

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So ya i won't sleep tonigth

How should i begin ? To Much thing happen in two hours.....

Here is 1h40 am. One of my Little brother as gone to see his friends all day long. We don't have any news from him. The supper arrice, still not home, 10 h00 pm still not home. I really start to panicking, and then my sister got a call from him, he was drunk, like drunk drunk. It was the worst thing i have seen in my life, seen my Little Brother ( only 16 year old) drunk at the point of vomitting and pass out, made me cry. I just cannot control my emotion.

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Hey people

I am bored

i have no idea what to do
I miss everyone


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Creepy guy

that probably mean nothing
but this happen twice in a week

a creepy guys you know my name ( because of my voicemail) call my cutie and he want to talk to me
but I don't him, I don't know his voice, he know my name and my phone number

the first time I thought maybe he just made a mistake so I ignore this, but the second time saying : hey cutie call me back bye
that scare me, I block is number hope that he won't call me again

I should be that scare, but I don't feel confortable, I mean I don't wanna go outside today, maybe he is here ? My parent are not at home I am alone with my brother

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checking on you

is everyone is alright ?
just wanna take news

for me I am tired, is been a long week. have a fight with my sister because she bodys hame Gee saying that he is not cute and he doesn't know how to sang
I get mad and spend my day in my room ( like a child)

but beside that thing are fine

take care

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Ten Day after my birdthay !!!!!! ( That was a useless Fact)

I cannot waiiitttttttttttttt .


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Everyone listen to this !!

So i find the link on YouTube you can see me 2 time around 50 sec

Enjoys <3