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I thought that the scam go away ?!?!????
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Did anyone saw the post on twitter???????

I almost scream but I din't because my parent was around
What it's coming soon ?!

The new album ?
I hope soooo !!!!

i goosh I waaaaayy too excited !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Happy one year anniversary I guess?

I am bit late but it doesn't matter
I join this fandom in the first week of September 2019
First of all I never heard of My Chemical Romance
I remember this last two week of August in the same year Youtube recommend me to listen to: Welcome to the black parade it take me 3 time to slowly understand the song and I enjoy it
the second song I heard from them was :; Bulletproof heart I was really into that and the last song I remember to listen to the first time was : The light behind you eyes, I almost cried but I didn't
And basically I get into MCR with this three song
Did I ever regret that

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The title is not avaible for the moment


It's been a long time that i have been here
How are you doing guys ?

For me thing have been really rock and roll
Just last week i spend my day running away from my parent because they found that i have a tattoo
Last night we had a long talk, they really Do not apppreciate that i done that but i least i still have a home

At my job 3 people are tested positive for the covid and they still don't want to close the store one is my supervisior the other are coworker

Side note
I am so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so happy for you that Biden was vote for president

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update #2

*screaming at the top of my lung *

I am not okay
at my job someone get tested positive the person have the covid I just know that YESTURDAY

and I am freaking scare because lately I have been feeling sick
I got to pass the test or else I will never find sleep
And the thing that made me more scare is that the store don't close I still work


and just thing cannot get any worst one my one each member of my family get sick too
i wanna cry so hard

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positive vibe

i am feeling super positive today :D

I don't have reason to feeling that way
I just feel happy and this is very strange

maybe it is because Halloween is coming soon
I guess I will use my happiness to spread some !
today here the 10 point to appreciate your day/life/week

1. drinking your fav drink hot or cold
2. listen to music
3. feeling the wind on your skin
4 . watching your fav movie show
5. hang out with you friend
6. walk outside
7. decorate !!! Halloween is soon guys!!!!
8. take a notebook and write one thing that you love about yourself
9. eat chocolat
10. wrap yourself like a

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UpDaTe BeCaUsE wHy NoT (part1?)

hey !

hum where do I start ?

I got a dangerous addiction over a video game
and over a freaking art ( it's call diamond painting )

and I may almost forgot that this existed ?
and probably forgot what is the feeling when I listen to MCR
because I completely stop for I while listen to music.

about the video game do you know Fnaf ? ( five night at Freddy's )
i discover this game almost three week ago and I literally get super addict
it's super creepy and suspenseful and normally I HATE horror thing I cannot watch any kind of horror movie I just can't. idk
basically you are just sitting on a

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helllo people !!!! nice to see again !

first of all

I miss th place so much !!!!!!! I never realise it until the place was shut down.
so update on my life right now

1. I finallly got that tattoo !!!!!!!!!

about that I am so so so so so so so happy I almost start crying when my tattoo was done but I didn't

2. I think about cutting last night
I just don't know why and how but I was doing my diamond painting and I realize that the pointe of the tip of the clamp is a little sharp and the first thought that pop is my mind was : do it
i will be super honest : I am not okay, I am not okay
last week I eat under of 300

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that moment

you know that moment when you spend the entire summer doing chore without almost any help and then you decide to take one day off
and of course this the day that your parent decide to come back home

this the morning you just woke up and you didn't really slept because you spend the entire night watching people playing at Fnaf

you saw you mother and she look angry. you don't know what did you do wrong and then you realize that you forgot one thing : do the garbage

then your mother insult every child saying that we are useless and horrible thing like that.
then you just hold your tear back