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I love my health teacher

We were talking about suicide prevention and I said "There is also a good center and helpline called The Trevor Project, it focuses on LGBT+ and questioning youth under 25 and offers resources to parents and educators to make a safe, accepting, and inclusive environment for youth. The hotline is open 24/7, they have other things called TrevorText which is a confidential texting service, TrevorChat, and TrevorSpace which allows people from ages 13-24 friends and LGBT+ allies to connect and find resources in their communities.
I know we stopped talking about that stuff for the class, but this

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Are you serious?!

I got a comment on one of my posts that was a spam bot with a whole bunch of links and crap! We can't even post without that being violated too?!

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my skeletal remains sway in the wind,
i am just the skeleton in your closet
another faded memory you have pushed aside,
you think you know it all, don't you?

can't you hear me whisper to you?
can't you hear the awkward clattering of a ghost's tongue?
don't you know what it's like to sway in the wind?
to feel the winds icy breath rush through you?
don't you know what it's like to talk to ghosts?

i wish i didn't.
i feel sick, hollow.
my bones desperately clattering in the wind.
i wish i wasn't stuck in this hanging tree,
i wish you could hear me.
i want to rest peacefully.

grab my bones from

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The election is in two days! That's making me really nervous. I wish America wasn't awful sometimes. I know that we're a relatively good country and whatnot. But people keep talking about how we're so perfect and the people who don't like it should leave and it's really annoying. Anyway, I won't go on a long rant about it. Hope your guy's day is going well :)

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happy halloween/ieroween/mcrreunion-oween!!

i'm sending ✨spooky✨halloween✨happy✨ ghost ✨vibes✨ to you on this fine halloween/ieroween/mcrreunion-oween day! have a fun day!

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i feel empty, devoid
i wish i didn't feel stuck in this dark 'place'
i wish i wasn't falling into the void,

time is moving to fast,
i wish i could slow down
how many opportunities have i missed?
days wasted, wasting, away
maybe i could stop time, keep myself like this forever

i could carve all the words i wish i had said out of my throat
maybe someone would listen then
i wish i could feel,
maybe if i just let myself slip someone would understand
i want to claw my way out of the void,
i want to succumb and fall into the voids grasp


clawing at my throat trying to free

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Zoom's over

i probably won't do another one for a while

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the other one i got kicked out of i guess, i have a headache, and this one probably won't be open for long
Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 929 2793 0074
Passcode: HCLx1z

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Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 966 0236 5549
Passcode: txK879

join whenever, i'll post when it's over, and i'll post the stuff again if it gets buried.

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my mom hit a deer yesterday i was going to do a zoom :(
I went to goodwill and found a pair of black slacks with accentuating off-white pinstripes, i also found a black skirt, and a mens black dress-shirt :)
i'm so tired. drink water, eat something.