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we interrupt you program to deliver this message

i was just listening to I Don't Care and i aspire to live like this song. but it made me think how i am consistently miserable but music makes me happy, this song made me happy today. anyway, that was a random thought for today. now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

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I just saw a spam post that was titled 'Free Porn Hub' and I spit out my water and started laughing really hard and my grandma said it didn't look like I was doing school work. Ummm... My teacher is making us film a video and pretend that we're a famous youtuber and we have to do something we are good at. I think I might play Love At First Sight by The Brobecks on my ukulele or Oh Miss Believer on my piano thingy.

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my step sister has been in contact with someone who has covid so i'm stuck at my mom's again. i need to finish making my stuffed animal bear into a backpack. i'm so tired. have a nice day, drink water, and eat food.
(b e a f, hello)

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I just accidentaly came out to my computer class

fuck... we're using for computer class and it askes for your gender and i put non-binary and my teacher shared his screen because he was going to sync it to google classroom and the 4 or 5 people who were there saw my gender marked as non-binary. oh my. i think my teacher should be fine with it i did date his daughter. anyway have a good day.

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b e a f

l e t t u c s
(you know who you are, b e a f)

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Woohoo (mostly)

So my grandparent's dog Harper (my dog) almost died last night. Idk how but my grandma said she'd explain later. My sister got into the Tylenol and cough medicine because she has a cold and took both so she could have died in her sleep, I always thought I'd be the one to get into the Tylenol. Biden won the election though!! WOOHOO, MOTHERFUCKERS! My grandparents are so angry. It feels like quarantine again and I never realized how awful it really was until I was back in it :(
My goal in life is to irritate my dad by looking as gay as possible, but just little enough so he can't do anything

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Oh. My. Lord.

These girls in my are talking about how they have Tinder profiles and stuff. And the teacher doesn't care. Also, I'm listening to Danger Days and I finally realized what the ball of feeling in my chest is when I listen to the songs on that album. It's anxiety, this album seriously makes me have an existential crisis. It makes me realize how little time I have left on this earth and how much I've wasted and the things I'll never do or be- anyway I'll stop. Except for Planetary (GO!) that makes me want to go out and have fun. I guess, sorry if I made anyone anxious about anything.

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My mom says it looks like Biden will win! And I have to stay in quarantine until my dad's girlfriend's test comes back negative! I can't do anything :(
My mom's car is probably totaled from when she hit a deer. Everything is piling up all at once. Oh my goodness. Plus I almost shut my foot in my car door, and my finger got shut in the screen door at my dad's house so that's bruised.

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Oh my

So I'm going back to my mom's house instead of my dad's because his girlfriend is sick and are waiting on test results :(
That's making me kind of nervous. The new site thingy that I keep looking at says that Biden is winning Michigan though. My grandma and I were talking about the Kardashian/Jenner family and she didn't know who Caitlyn was and she went "Oh, that's the.... dad. Bruce." and I said "Yeah, Caitlyn." and she goes "Bruce to me because I don't believe in transgenderism." and flashed a stupid little smile at me.

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If there's anyone who can talk right now, I really need someone to talk to. I'm freaking out. Please.