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Nico di Angelo's blog

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hi. i have a blog about emo music and vampires and stuff. idk if anyone will check it out but heres the link. **not spam i promise lol** why is the other spam back on the site???

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No More Spam?

The spam is gone! They care about us again! the site really seems less dead when you dont go through ten pages of spam at a time

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im bored

I've been listening to music and I'm bored. Does anybody have music recommendations? I listen to MCR, PTV, BVB, FIR, green day, Gerard way, frank iero, conan gray, and billie eilish plus tons more. What do u think?

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I like Halloween and people think it makes me scary.I just like to dress up. A teenager is still a kid, I still like candy. I'm going to be Robin from stranger things this year. She was cool. She had the same sass as Gerard
I read horror a lot and I so people assume things about me. Just because I like Stephen King, it doesn't mean I'm an evil monster. But when it's Halloween everyone reads scary stories so I can be normal for a little while.

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I hate being called emo

People call me emo non-stop and I hate it. Not because there's something wrong with emo. Emo is awesome. I hate it because people are insecure about themselves so they feel that they need to label everything. I don't want to be labeled. I want to express myself and listen to my music without being bothered