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School dance

So theres a school dance tommorow, and ima wear my black suit and red tie, yknow, like revenge. Im going with my two friends H and G. I think they made a competition of who can dance the best/weirdest/most sexual, so ill probably join in, bc thatll be fun. Appearently the theme is 'winter wonderland' so idk what thats gonna be like. Also there was an OQSA meeting that i missed the announcement for, but H went, and they made me a pin with the trans flag, so that was nice. Anyway, im super excited for tommorow.

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World dark, mind blurry

The world outside is dark,
Rain drops streak the windows.
And the rhythmic beeping,
Slowly pushes away my sanity.
The lights of passing cars create murky colors,
Blurring together,
Just like the thoughts in my head.
I can vaguely see the stars above,
And even their light seems dim.
The rest of world is quiet,
And the night, cold and unforgiving.

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I apologize bc i just posted, but life is fricky

So in my school, there are three different levels of math, excelerated, middle, and whatever the last one is called. So currently im in regular, middle level. But im trying to move up to excelerated. This means that my teacher gave me a bunch of math packets and i have to go through them and do all the work that other people did in class on my own, and learn everything myself.
Honestly the math is hard, as expected, and appearently im smart enough, but i cant focus, my mind keeps drifting off, and literally tonight i said that 6+5=21. Dude. How.
And my parents think that im doing it on

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Can we all take a couple seconds to appreciate how frickin awesome regional at best is? Also demolition lovers.

School today:
*kid runs down the hall carrying a trash can*

This has been your random updates from Dex.

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Goin through my google docs, so findin old poetry n stuff.

Hanging from an ancient tree, are two forgotten swings.
The chains are rusted, and the wood decayed, but there they hang, swaying in the wind.
They overlook the sky below, just touching the clouds.
And some days the clouds darken, and heavy rain pours down.
Others, the world is alight with a wondrous grace of color.
There was a time, when this world was new, when two friends sat everyday.
Until, one fell off.
The other was heartbroken,
And eventually fell off too.
And if you close your eyes and wish, just enough, then maybe you can

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Imagine what a fucking power move it would have been if mcr had opened with fake your death

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Ok, so my guitar teacher was like 'wanna play in a concert' and i said yes. So basically, i started playing guitar 3 weeks ago, i dont have the music yet, and the concert is literally in a month. However it is on the 20 which is the same day as one of the mcr download concerts.

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Theres something surreal about listening to addict with a pen while looking at the ocean.
Ok, heres the poem

I was drowning in my thoughts,
And now they're turning into water.
It seems like everyone else knows how to swim,
And i did too, once,
But now i've forgotten,
And i guess it'll be the end of me.
So ill drown in the endless waves,
And watch the others float,
And try to persuade those sinking,
Just like me,
To swim.
And all the while,
I'll hate myself for giving in to the whirlpool.
First i forgot what swimming felt like,
Then i forgot how to do it,
And maybe one day,
I'll stop trying to

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List of songs that i would die if they were played live

Cemetary drive, oh god, i would faint
This is how i disappear
Its not a fashion statement
Disenchanted (i would cry so very hard)
jetset life

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I think mcr is gonna make new music

I have literally no evidence to support this, im just feeling hopeful