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Fuck gender part 2, plus people being ignorant

Ok, so i think i might be nonbinary, but like, lean much more towards masculinity, idk, anyway so i had this conversation today, bc there was some pink stuff on my hoodie, it was like paint or something.

Me: theres pink stuff on my hoodie, frick!
Person i sit next to: thats weird, girls usually like pink
Me: bold of you to assume i'm a girl
Person: but you are a girl
Me: honestly i dont know what my gender is, but i ain't a girl
Person: how hard can it be? There are two genders, boy and girl?

Idk, i'm seriously wondering HOW a person can just be so... ignorant? Oblivious? Stupid?

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Guitar lessons

I had my first guitar lesson today, and maybe the six years i spent playing violin is actually paying off! I can form chords and play notes pretty easily, but trying to pluck with a pick is weird, anyway, my teacher is awesome, and he asked about what bands i liked, and after telling him that i like MCR and playing WTTBP for him on my phone, he taught me how to play some of it! He recommended that i try playing with any of my friends who play instruments. Anyway, i finally have something to do that i really love, and might actually motivate me.

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You see me, and cry out in horror.
You say "Evil! Wicked! Cruel! Monster!"
But why am i a monster? Is it my dark, blank eyes? Is it my horns, twisted and broken? Is it my scarred and blistered skin? Is it my blood stained clothes? Is it my leathery wings?
Well maybe i am a monster.
But before you shun and kill me,
You must first understand that the true monster is the one who made me this way.
We were all angels once.
But someone pushed us,
So before you call me a monster, know that i was not always like this,
There was a time when my wings were feathered and soft, my

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Fuck gender

Ok, so for like, 4 months i was pretty sure i was nonbinary, right? So lately i've been thinking that i might be trans. And this sucks, why? Because first of all, i'm not entirely sure yet, and the confusion is killing me. And also there is the fact that my body is so curvy and feminine, and ugh. Plus when your a teenager who is biologicaly female, you get forced into wearing dresses, short shorts, ya know, stuff that makes me want to cry. So idk what my gender is, but i ain't a girl, at least i'm 90% sure i'm not.

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My friend is theorizing

So i have a friend who used to mock mcr, so he actually went and listened to them a bit ago, and he came to the conclusion that The Black Parade was pretty good.
So today he just started talking to me about different theories, and how he thinks the're gonna release a concept album, and how he thinks its going to have something to do with the patient, and he was asking about their drummers and stuff, and it was suprising but also really cool.

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Ya'll i normally wouldn't post about fanfic on here, but i have been ripped to shreds and i'm in tears. It was one of the worst/best fanfics i've ever read. The emotions though.

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Ski club

So today i had ski club, and i was listening to i'm not ok on the bus, so one or my friends, Ellie, steals one of my earbuds, and she was sing/screaming it for the rest of the night. Anyway, so one of my other friends, Olivia listened to it to, and now if we see eachother in the halls, one of us has to shout "trust me" and the other has to scream "i'm not ok"

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I'm so fucking angry at society

Fuck, i hate society for making people, kids, feel useless, like they deserve to die. Everybody sees another suicide or depressed kid and thinks 'oh thats sad, someone should have done something' how can people be so fucking stupid and ignorant. I hate that so many people feel this way, and that i'm powerless. I hate that people don't accept teenagers for who they are, and they don't understand. I wish i could do something more to help people, more than little messages on the internet that i can't even phrase right.

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Idk, i just have to talk/rant

Read with caution, maybe? Idk anything anymore.

I have 8 people who all have some sort of semi important status in my life. I would consider 3 of them to be my close friends, and i can actually talk to 1 of those 3. By talk, i mean discuss the world, and the universe, and your deepest secrets. But i haven't talked to him in months. My parents always say that i can tell them anything, and want to know every detail about my life, but now they're literally the last people i would ever talk to. So sorry this is long, i just don't have anywhere else to post.

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Hey guys! Just wondering if anyones heard of this band

Anyone heard of the band, Of Monsters And Men? They're icelandic, and idk, i've been listening to them all afternoon, so i would highly recommend checking them out,