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joe exotics old park is going to carole baskins
that sucks for him

i mean theres supposed to be a new park

its funny tho

kinda ironic

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Read between the lines.
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The world in reality
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The world in movies



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Yay its pride month but shits gonna get hairy. It already has.

Theres so many fucking riots and protests.
Theres gonna be more.
I know how violent that shit can get.
Bad things are gonna happen and people are gonna die.
But hey, thats normal.
Minorities being fucking killed for existing.
The rest of the world is trying to get rid of corona but americas on a fuckin side quest to get more xp or sum shit.
The family of that man who was killed, George floyd, say they dont want people to react in violence to his death. They say he wouldnt want whats happening.
One huge death in question was

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im not fuckin joking

dont get drunk
first off, alcohol tastes like spit roasted shit
even mixed with stuff
malibu and sprite tastes like shite
most of the reason you throw up when u drink is the horrible fukin taste

secondly, its just
its not great
especially alone
my cousin is here right we were drinking some in the backyard
we got tipsy yeah
it was fun
a little
then we go inside and bitch falls asleep
so im here, alone its like 11 pm and im not sleepy
im just drunk and alone
and thats like an unspoken rule
dont be drunk and alone its pitiful

and so i get on twitch
and im watching one of my friends livestreams

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youre watching old mcr edit videos and you just hear "the kids arent alright" and look up to see a bunch of clips of mcr and its just like really fuckin sad for no reason and you kinda just start crying

and when they have a black parade picture of the band and it says "my chemical romance 2001-2013" and you just hear dont let me gone
and then DONT LET ME BE and its just those memorable moments from shows and shit and you start crying again

cuz like
AND THEN "if you loved me... whyd you leave me" WITH 2001-2013 KILL ME

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tiktok is banning all queer hashtags on may 30
the plan for beating it is basically "hey lets spam these #"
so basically
lesbian, bi, pan, ace, you know, the whole set.
spam these hashtags in your own videos, in other peoples comments, on the discover page, on your FYP
also, i think we should do

i got this from a tiktok i just needed to get this out
this is the plan
we need to get as many people doing it as we can
it doesnt matter if youre not gay fam we need all the allies we can get
fuck the haters
theyre just scared of getting topped by an

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Situation proven ok

we're good
anxiety levels at somewhat normal
life can be un-fucked
for now

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fuck. my. life

i might have just fucked up
really fucking bad
and my anxiety isnt going to let me let it go until the situation is proved fucked up all to hell or ok

fuck im an idiot