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June 18
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We're coming to Europe.
June 23 - Royal Hospital Kilmainham - Dublin, Ireland
July 4 - Sonic Park Fest - Bologna, Italy
July 6 - KUNST!RASEN - Bonn, Germany

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Additional Milton Keynes Show Added

This is incredible. Thank you all so much. We have announced a second show.

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Gundam at Odaiba Park

Seeing the first giant Gundam at Odaiba Park was a childhood dream come true. Can’t wait to see the new Unicorn Gundam this year!


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An Offering...

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Gearing up to head to Japan – it has always been a magical place for me. Every time I am there, I learn something about the culture, and something about myself. I come back home feeling fresh, with a new perspective. The crowds are as spectacular as the beauty of the country.


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