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Yeet for gays

So, I realized this, on national coming out day. My mom dyed her hair purple earlier. She gonna dye mine blue. All we need is pink and well have the entire bisexual pride flag. Also, should I tell my mom in non binary today? My dad, siblings, and uncle know but not my mom. Should I tell her?

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Ya see my new pfp? Yeah I drew that.
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So, I'm soo glad I decided to clean my room. So I'm starting with my closet so I have space to put my stuff, and I find something I haven't worn in 6 years. It's a black dress, with red polka dots. And the only thing that goes through my mind, is 'revenge era Gee, GENDERBEND'. so I went into my bathroom to see if it fits, AND LUCKY ME IT DOES.

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Air Force boios

So my dad was helping me find jobs in the air force bc I'm wanting to join it once I'm old enough and one that stood out to me, was Special Forces which is basically base security and shit like that. I'm also kinda thinking of law enforcement hehe

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Dis just funny

so, since i started school like a month late, i was really behind. i was finishing catching up on my last like, 6 and i randomly clicked on a science test and i was like "ok" and i saw sodium and instantly was in my spotify playing Na Na Na. at 12 am. i didnt finish all my homework until about 1 and i was blaring na na na the whole damn time lmaoo

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I just joined and wanted to list the bands/ I listen to :)

My chemical romance, fallout boy, set it off, black veil brides, breaking Benjamin, skillet, ghost town, grandson, hollywood undead, starset, avenged sevenfold, I DONT KNOW HOW BUT THE FOUND ME, saosin, panic at the disco, with confidence, three days grace, as it is, waterparks, badflower, all-American rejects, all time low, gerard way, imagine dragons, daughtry, marianas trench, from first to last, linkin park, dance gavin dance, eminem, alan walker