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That laser gun thing

Eh I ended up drawing a mouse. I think it sucked but the teacher said it's good. I showed that laser gun drawing to a classmate though, and she said she liked it more than that mouse I draw.
Just some random stuff since I've already grown sick of doing math questions for triangles inside circles.
I still don't know why we just can't make English tests harder and math questions easier; that would be so great for me and some other people I know.

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Gunna show my laser gun sketch to my teachers wooo

So basically here's the thing. We're having online classes now, right? And people in my place basically has every subject as videos we can watch, though we usually just watch the "useful" classes, you know, Maths, English, Physics, stuff like that, in order to save more time to writing the homework. Thus, classes like PE, Art and Music are piled up in the corners we don't usually watch.
But today our teacher got us a sudden little homework-checking event--on Art. Most of the time it's about the "major" subjects, so this is unexpected.

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initially tried to post kj stories again but wait a moment

I WAS gonna post the story until I saw your guys' posts&comments
I never thought I started something so big. Like, DAMN. I don't even know what to say anymore.
Quoting: "The Internet is a funny and beautiful place"
Okay have fun Zoners and other fellows I'm still overwhelmed but yeah thanks again
(Gosh how come you ppl are what, actually praising me or something?)
Yeah this is just an awkward post. I'm just gonna grow more awkward after I posted this.

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Killjoy OC Story Pt. 2

(Hey guyyys it's me again)
The part one is in my last blog (wink)

It was in the early morning, and was just starting to get hot, but I’ve never had that much of sunshine shining on me before, so duh, my skin was already peeling off. I knew I couldn’t last with no protection, so I got my blanket covered on me and kept walking. I didn’t know which Zone it was, but there was this discarded hut on the horizon, so I went for it, and got into its corner.

But that corner really terrified me.

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My killjoy OC story (if it's called that)

So I I'm writing this story about my killjoy OC, whose name is Joy Laser (does it sounds lame? Idk).
Shoutout to people: why don't we all just post something we've thought about our own characters? It's definitely gonna be fun.
Ok here's a part of the story. I'd possibly divide it to several parts.
Warning: it's pretty long (to me)
Fake Warning: has curses in it (eh just reminding ya)
My story? You wanna know about MY story? Oh now come ON.

And you really wanna know about it?

Huh... Okay, then.

Well, where do we start?

I was born in that damn city, and surely was

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Hmm killjoy OC stories anyone?

Have anybody had that idea of creating your own killjoy OC, I mean, as a literal living person with stories, instead of just a name and some outfits? 'Cause I feel like I'm having ideas of doing that. Actually write something like a biography for a made-up killjoy, from escaping from Bat City to living in the desert to who knows, the end of the comic series' story? Or that guy could be living during the same time as the Four? Think it just sounds very interesting/promising. I've always be having a craze for that universe.

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Debate with myself (Much trigger warning I guess)

This is something I’ve never spoke about to a crowd, and it gets down af so pleaaase don’t go through it if you think you’d get triggered
So...I’ve been having depression since about three years ago I guess? Several months ago I thought it was over, but now it came again, with a blow that’s certainly more severe than any previous one.
Man it’s hard to talk about this.
I once thought I could go through this on my own, since I usually controlled emotions better than the others, and even am one of the most trusted people in the classes, keeping secrets and having many friends and listening

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Random update on the day so far *shrug*

Me and my classmates are as busy as usual. I uh finished watching the classes for every subject in school except like PE, Arts and English, for they are just too easy. Our English classes are...well, so simple that if you ask an average student or someone better than the averages to read the blogs you guys send, they probably won’t understand half of them. It’s true that idioms and slangs are kinda rare in my place, but hey. It still sucks.
I just had lunch and was online-studying/chatting with a friend through the program my teachers use for classes by starting a “cloud meeting” on my own.

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Amazing I guess?

I was trying hard to figure out when this community thing’s the most active, since ya know, the time zone gets confusing. But I’ve been online here since like eight in the morning in my place, seems that you people post a lot during this period? Idk anymore

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Weird update about schools in China and the virus

Uh I guess the title’s a little bit long?
Anyways, imagine that weird feeling when you’re a Chinese and you find the other countries’ students’ corona holidays are simply toooo blank (but fun) compared to yours
We’ve been having classes online since the beginning of March from the early mornings to the evenings, just the same as what we did in school; moreover, besides the city’s standard classes, almost every school has their own classes, many of which ordering the students to open their cameras to let the teachers know whether they’re focusing. It’s just the SAME as the old school days.