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Failed Birthday...

It wasn't my birthday, but I had to attend.
I thought that some cake would come to me after my ordinary diet. So, I was wrong. They were just financial discussions and fat being consumed by the attendees. After this unsuccessful attempt to party, my mom and I had a scandalous discussion and I was judged by how I am, including part of my musical preferences and my wiccan religion. Fuck those who don't understand about what's the respect.

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My Chemical...Gym?

Is there anything better than listening to My Chemical Romance while you exercise?

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A little late?

Well this is my "first post" here.
I´ve never been on this page before. I´ve heard a lot about it but I never create some profile.
I remember how my ex loved this page some time ago.
Its been a while since i heard about MCR, but when I listened to their music, i fell in love completely with the band.
This night I dont know what brings me here, but anyways I hope isnt too late to make this kind of post after all this years listening to MCR.