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Heath Petty's blog

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I realized I didn't tell you anything about me

Hi, I'm Heath. I am a genderfluid(Primarily male) kid. I am polyamorous(I date multiple people) and pansexual(you can be black, white, male, female, both, neither, and as long as you're a nice person and i like you I'll date you). I became interested in My Chemical Romance in 2014, a year after they broke up. I was so excited to go see them live at some point, only to be crushed when I learned more about the band. I self harmed in 2017-2019, I'm 2 months clean. I am attempting right now to start my own band, called Illegal Tendencies.

tomorrow's March 22nd...

Guys, we all need to be on to support each other tomorrow... I love you all and don't forget to carry on, it's okay to ask the army for help, we're all a great big family, always here for each other....


So I asked a girl out, the most perfect girl in the world, the only problem is that she's 1029 miles away... Anyway, she said yes, then we video chatted and I told her I love her and she said she loved me too and linked to my profile in her description as "My human" And my heart dropped... She is so amazing and I can't believe she would have feelings for ME!


What happened... We used to be so strong. What happened to the MCRmy? I met some of my best friends because of their love of this music, to see it all disappear... Guys, we need to bring this back! I don't want to lose my family, I can't lose another family. I've lost too much already, please, guys. This band inspired me, I'm creating my own, but I'm not losing this. MCR was there for me when literally no one else was. At night crying in my room with a blade pressed against my skin, the lyrics to disenchanted forced me to think about what I was doing.