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Harbinger For Hire's picture

That faded red lipstick stain,
On the second floor window pane,
Is the only thing, she left for me.

My misery still remains.
A decade,
To forget your name,
Hasn't made it less,
I just can't let you go.

You're everything I'll never see again.
Buried in a box on the West end,
Of the town we grew up in.

The stain on the window,
I can wipe away.
But the one on my brain,
Has always remained.

I've had a decade to forget your name.

But it's engraved on your headstone,
And I see it everyday.


Harbinger For Hire's picture

Yesterday's tomorrow is today,
And it's reserved for the hard and brave,
So don't quit until today is yesterday,
And tomorrow is today...

Everyday isn't just another day,
So don't let them slip away...

Today, is yesterday's tomorrow,
It's all that you're promised,
And marks the time that you borrow...

From your very first day,
All the way to this day,
Look back at what you've borrowed,
The good and the sorrowed...
You've made it,
All the way,
To this day...

Don't get lost in the past,
Any day could be your last,
Gone in a flash,
But man it was a blast...

Don't look too far ahead,
Live for

Harbinger For Hire's picture

The Impending...

The Horsemen, changing the weather...

Signing The End...

The God...

The Ancients, trapped in the Nether...

Let Kur ascend...

It's all coming lead into Forever...

Help me defend...

× Have a dastardly day ×


Harbinger For Hire's picture

If all that lied,
Between all your live-or-die's,
Was my measly life...

I would throw it away like,
A pair of dice!
Crash on a spare bed of light,
In Paradise!
Even if a scourge like me,
Doesn't deserve to be,
Anywhere near His side!

I'll still bide you all some time...

Enough for you to run and hide...

I just want you all alive...

× Have a dastardly day ×


Harbinger For Hire's picture

The golden number 5,
Inscribed on my black skull,
I acquired when we died,
And ascended long ago...
The Four have their assignments,
But now The Fifth is in alignment...
The Purpose of Preparation removed,
And a new purpose was inserted in lieu...

× Have a dastardly day ×


Harbinger For Hire's picture

In case you didn't know...I'm still for hire...

The apocalypse isn't gunna pay for itself...

× Have a dastardly day ×


Harbinger For Hire's picture

Can you look at me?
Am I hard to see?
I clench my fist,
"Do I even exist to anyone but me?"
I wish you'd grab my wrist,
And let me know,
I'm not alone in this...

I wanna be a lone kiss that you wanna hold.
A lone secret, one you never told.
A lone ring, round and gold,
Wrapped around your finger, just like me, oh...
I wish I could be,
"A lone", but not alone...

There's a lot I'd say,
If I was with you today.
Too much to list,
But you get the gist, and by the way,
You're the most I'll ever miss.
Please, let me know,
I'm not alone in this...

I wanna be a lone flame so you'll never go cold.

Harbinger For Hire's picture

Lurk in the night,
But long for the light...

Strive to survive,
As you lay down to die...

Before you breathe your last in death,
Fight and gasp,
For one more breath...

Those who don't respect their mortal lives,
Will watch the rest be immortalized,
In the afterlife...

At the end of the night,
The sun will rise...

Don't let Death meet his quota tonight...

× Have a dastardly day ×


Harbinger For Hire's picture

I don't care if you don't want it!
All our minds go catatonic!
Screaming through an electronic mood!
Hairs raise and amplifiers vibrate the room!

We're all slave to the sound of our decay!
Let's rage, set fire to the stage,
And let it incinerate!
Lose faith in what lies, outside, this place!
Just let it incinerate!
We'll stay until we're dragged away,
Fight tooth and nail to our graves!

We'll always go hard!

Still singing and dancing,
Handcuffed in a cop car!

The world outside never looked so bright,
So let it incinerate, tonight!

September fires will ignite my pyre...

× Have a dastardly day

Harbinger For Hire's picture

When my body's gone cold,
My arteries don't pulse,
My eyes roll back and close,
And my soul is safe below, in Hell,
Cut off my hands so I can't crawl out and tell,
The secrets of the desolate,
The Ancients,
the zealots...
Fanatics desecrate my grave and raise,
Me up, and out of his cold embrace...

Crawl out of the coffin and talk,
Crawl out in resurrection and walk,
Crawl out, crawl out,
Before they know you're gone...
Crawl 'til you decay,
And completely rot away,
Because Death won't find,
What isn't left behind...

He'll hunt you for all your days...

× Have a dastardly day ×