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happy birthday

happy birthday gerard from all the killjoys in new zealand and the christchurch emo army

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So board

board board board
i have 4 hours of boardum till school starts
board board board
3 hours and 59 minutes
board board board

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i realy need help

i realy need help but i cant talk to people i know in person about it because they dont understand and cant relate. what i need help on is i cant stop cutting ever scence last week each day i havent been able to stop. i do it on my arm not my rist so its not so bad but the friends who saw the cuts arent impressed i told them i would get help so HELP! i ask use guys because some of you have cut at least once and i need to know how to stop.


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Mcr fan club

okay there is this wesite called chiken smoothie its smiler ish to neopets and you get these clubs and one of the ones is a mcr fan club. i think it would be awesome if we had more people joining
This should be the link i hope you try it and enjoy

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worst band name ever

okay dont get me wrong i love mcr's name but in new zealand its not the best plsce to hear it because after our earthquake we got things called chemical tolits
its not fair

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help me

SHIT why do i have to be a girl
okay i am in new zealand and we have finaly gone back to school YES!!!!!!!!!
but today when we had a first class and a sat down and then this guy sat down next to me who i have never talked to before today and we help each other with work and in pe i found out he has a crush on me and i got a crush on him
but my problem is i also like the guy 2 doors down from my house who also goes to my school i have liked him for a while so now i have to nice guys who both like me noone but me knows this
so i was hoping i could have advise because i have never been had 2

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YAY it was my first day back today after our 6.1 earthquake
but its awesome we arent missing out on our holidays
but my afternoons are ruined because all the schools have to share with other schools
like we have to go to some random high school on the other side of town because our buildings got damaged
so now we all have diffrent timetables there is the afternoon time (1pm-5.30pm) and the morning times (8am-12.30pm)
and like always my best friend is in the morning time and im in the afternoon time

oh well

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comparing earthquakes at my house

okay i live in new zealand, christchurch and i got board so i started comparing earthquake damage at my house and i think you might find them intresting

7.1 earthquake: it knocked over a pot plant

6.3 earthquake: pot plants fell over, books fell on a laptop computer monator fell off the desk, the desk broke, tv fell, my dresser fell over on a glass light up picture frame which smashed, everything on my desk fell off, a book shelf fell over, draws fell out blocking the front door, our kitchen moved, we have cracks in the ground, eveything in the fridge fell out and half our cups broke


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hi from new zealand
this may sound weird but after 4 weeks after the 6.3 earthquake i am starting school i am like the last school to start but i also might be missing out on the next holidays hopfully not

keep running

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love with hate

i hate this i got life on the murder scene (yay) but dad always is using the tv so i cant watch it
and my mum is always going on telling me who i should be

oh well you cant pick your parents

keep running