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i am drowning in happyness
i got mcr life on the murder scene today

See you in Zone 6

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i hates brothers

noone has worse brothers then me
one of my brothers touches every thing like its his own
he never shares his things and thinks i do
and my other brother is annoying and thats an understatement
and if he doesnt get his way he goes pyhico

i dont think any of you have a worse brother or even a sister

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st patricks day

hello from new zealand over hear it is st patricks day today so

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no its my brothers today
yay its almost gerards
franks is on helloween awesome
my cousin is lucky he shares bob's birthday

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who hates brothers

its my brothers birthday to day and he thinks he can get special treatment or something
and my other brother thinks he can just boss me around and walk in my room and touching all my stuff
brothers are horrible one of them had a big phyic over turning the sound down on his computer
okay and there both older then me they need to grow up and get over them self
what do you think

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okay mcr needs to come to new zealand we need cheering up
but if they do dont go to christchurch as much as i would like them to i wouldnt if i were them

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hate birthdays

ok this may sound weird but in my family recently we have had no luck with birthdays

mums a few days before there was a 7.1 earthquake in new zealand (we live in new zealand)
My sisters day after my nana/grandmother died
cousins a few days before we had a bad aftershock
one of my brothers b.days and the day before mine: a 6.3 earthquake

my other brothers is comeing up and they say arond that time there will be a big earthquake
its not like there havent been enough disasters

keep running

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U know how new zealand had an earthquke on Feb 22nd
well its been 3-4 weeks and i am still not back at school its so boring at home and people from other schools are starting back tomorrow or wednesday and i start in 2 weeks at a diffrent school everyone from my school is being moved to there it sucks and my school is shearing with the crappyst school ever
in the 7.1 we had it was like 2 weeks after the earthquake it was back to normal but this time thats how long it tolk to get water and power if we only got a 6.3 who knows how japan will be

thanks for takeing your time to read hope u all

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u know how people say the end of the world is in 2012 well right now i think its in 2011
okay i dont but it seems like it at this rate

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i can now say shut up 2 my self about new zealands 2 earthquakes cause f*** thats bad a tunami and earthquake in the same day
all my thoughts are out to u japan
but on the bright side the have strong earthquakes alot so there buildings should be safer then
new zealands

stay strong japanese killjoys