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Soon I'll be making a youtube channel

Yeah I'll post more about it when we've planned it but I hope I have your support

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A small part of a story I'm writting. It's cute, funny and a little romantic.

I hope you like.

After break I had Science with Miss Ling. I was in Science by myself but that was okay because I meet a nice boy. He’s a ghost. He seemed struggle staying in a solid state, so he would drift in and out of being a cloudy blue vapour. When he’s in a solid form he has snow white hair, grey clouded eyes, a pale complexion and wore blue striped pyjamas.
“What’s your name?” He asked me as he sat at the desk next to mine.
“I’m Alice Barker.

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My short story

We stood together in the forest away from home, as ash fell around us. In these times of war, no one needs more worry, so we lie, to get away. What our parents don’t know could never hurt them.
“Lilly, my parents have rules, this is wrong.”
“Rose, don’t worry, for as long as this war goes on, our love will stay secret.”
“I know, but worries me the most is after the war, for it won’t last forever,” her eyes watered and a tear slowly dripped out.
I wiped away her tear, “don’t stain your flawless cheeks. Don’t cry any more tears, for I will cry them for you.”
A small smiled appeared on her

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Merry Christmas

Merry Chrismas to all.

I hope you had/have a better christmas then me :)

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Happy with you all

I love coming on here I always feel so welcome and even though we all have problems, whether it's the same as someone else's or our unique, we always try to help, even if we don't know them, we're all like a family here and I love it so thank you :D

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Happy birthday to Frank.
But because it's it's halloween please enjoy :D

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-_- So much "Excitment"

~Sorry in advance for my spelling, I'm a little shaken up still~
My brother completly ruined my great mood and farely good mood today.
My Dad and I were watching NCIS tonight and after it finished I walked into the kitchen to get my laptop and I found my brother with a cord wrapped around his arm trying to cut off his surculation. I yelled his name not knowing what to do and he grabbed the knife close to him and he started cutting his wrist. Dad walked in and asked what was the matter and in shock I pointed to my brother.

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If you are in dark days

But I'm sick of going online to see people saying that there life is shit and that they have the worse family, blah blah blah.
Well people your life has great meaning and you can do much in the life time you have.
Family is meant to be annoying and shitty because that's what family is for and if you can stand all the horrible shit they throw at you then it'll help you build great character.

But if you still won't would consder hurting your self or suicide then either think about the people it would hurt and the things it could do to them.
Or if none of that helps then let me tell you about my

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New set up good or bad?

I shall miss the Danger Days Layout and Zone 6. But it's not a bad thing, it does mean their latest album is coming and soon!!!! Like you I can not wait!
And in a few hours or a day (not sure because of the time diffrence) PROFESSIONAL GRIEFERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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A little pity to compain over...Still

It's not really anything a NORMAL person would complain over, but most of us on here are not really normal, or counted as normal by socity.
But I have a girl who likes me - who I barly know
A boy 4 years older then me who likes me - Who I also barly know, but we get along well when we see eachother
And a guy who is a year younger then me and he flirts with me....alot
All 3 of them know I have a girlfriend but they still flirt with me.
I was kind of hoping because you've all helped me in the past that maybe you could help me again and tell me what you think I could do, without hurting there